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What’s wrong with you people? You lost the dang war; the old south is never going to rise again; almost all of you now have "mixed" blood, your children and grand-children are making sure of that, that’s why so many of you and your kin are so lazy. So please get over it. God Bless Northern America.
Wolfgang Decker.>>>


/\/.\/\/. REPLIES: You seem to imply that caucasian blood getting mixed with (?) negroid leads to lazier generations of whatever color. Would you care to explain? Are you by chance a racist? I think you are, and don’t deserve an answer, but thanks for another chance to publicly sum up our case.
You don’t seem to have noticed that the war never ended. It only changed weapons. The hate, the vilification, the slander, the libel, the OPPRESSION against the South never end, and that’s the ONLY reason we fight.
Yankees and liberals are full of apologies and grandiose talk of reparations for eethnic crimes real and imagined. We’ll quit fighting when they start talking reparations for their RAPE of our country (or region if you insist) and restoration of all the cultural tokens they’ve stolen SINCE laughably-misnamed Reconstruction ended — starting with putting the Confederate flag back wherever it used to decorate state houses, restoration of all names of parks, schools, streets etc. that have been bowdlerized because they were tnamed for Southern heroes.
When the Confederacy was an official nation, the flag was our national emblem, and Dixie was our national anthem — so on down the line. They were our POLITICS then. After the Rape, most Southerners (to my disappointment) seem to have been happy for those things to become merely our CULTURE. They long remained such, and were universally loved and celebrated as such. (The South was and is the real, essential America., and everybody once knew it.).
The War was thus virtually suspended — but that status wasn’t good enough for the communists running everything. When the time was right, this opportunistic disease (communism) sent its vermin out to infect Dixie with the deadly disease of "COMPROMISE" on the manifestly silly and fake premise that people were supposedly offended by its culture. THE LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT IN MEDIA, GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION AND RELIGION is what stoked conflict back up to the point that symbols became fact again — for the express purposes of demolishing them once and for all. THEY, LIBERALS, I.E. COMMUNISTS IN SLOW MOTION, CYNICALLY AND STRATEGICALLY RE-POLITICIZED the flag, Dixie et al..  We didn’t!
In other words, just as they started the War out of pure greed masquerading as altruism, and fomented the civil riots revolt with hate and ruin in their hearts, they started the present conflict (about 15-20 years ago) with nothing of any substance in their little bill of indictment. There’s still nothing there after endless hand-wringing about offendedness, racism, tolerance, diversity, and the smelliest one of all, COMPROMISE.
It is in fact tragic that the various races have lost their sense of self-preservation as you describe — it will only lead to one not mishmash subrace with no drop in the level of ethnic/tribal conflict in the world. But your head is so full of trash you’re in no position to discuss that issue either, Wolfgang. But you can’t have been following SHNV or the movement for very long if you think this is only a white thing.