From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011
Subject: Traitors! Who are the Traitors?
To: James Everett <>

Dear Brethren, (hundreds bcc herein),

So y’all want to know why we’re in the fix we are today?

Perhaps this excellent expose will provide you with that answer, as well as an insight into that lost American History that has been withheld from you.

It was written by Mr. James Everett, Member of the Board of Directors, of The Confederate Society of America.

After you have read it, I would invite you to visit the Provisional Government of the Confederacy’s website at and apply for Confederate Citizenship at once.

This article will explain why, and the Provisional Government’s website will explain the importance & necessity of Confederate Citizenship & how it relates to the Restoration Process of the Official Government of the Confederacy.

Thank you and God Bless,

Craig Maus
President, The Confederate Society of America


Traitors! Traitors! Who are the Traitors?

By James Everett, Sui Juris…….

This Article is written to give a general understanding of what has brought our people to this point so that it may arm you as a Confederate American with some necessary information to use to educate others.

Some of what is found in the beginning of this article may seem redundant to some readers, however some things cannot be said enough, or without necessity to help convey complete understanding.

The first thing one must understand is that the Confederate is the true heir to the Founder’s original intent.

The Founders original intent was that the States be Sovereign and Independent……


“That these United Colonies are, and of right, ought to be Free and Independent States;

The second thing to remember is that the Founders established the Confederacy of the United States……


Article I. The Stile of this Confederacy shall be “The United States of America.”

Article II. Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every Power, Jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.

Article III. The said States hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to, or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any other pretense whatever

Now the question that begs to be answered is……….

What happened to the Founders Confederacy?

You were likely taught that the Articles of Confederation were abandoned by the Founders as impractical, No power to tax, etc.

Now we need to take a moment to review what Mr. Hamilton wrote to George Washington in a letter July 3 1787………

“Dear Sir,

In my passage through the Jerseys, and since my arrival here, I have taken particular pains to discover the public sentiment; and I am more and more convinced that this is the critical opportunity for establishing the prosperity of this country on a solid foundation”

Now let us remember that Alexander Hamilton, on June 17 1787 proclaimed the British government…….

“The best in the world“

…..Continuing on Mr. Hamilton’s letter to Mr. Washington July 3 1787……….

“The people begin to be convinced that “their excellent form of Government,” as they have been use to call it, will not answer their purpose, and that they must substitute something not very remote from that which they have lately quitted.

These appearances, though they will not warrant a conclusion that the people are yet ripe for such a plan as I advocate, yet serve to prove that there is no reason to despair of their adopting one equally energetic, if the Convention should think proper to propose it”

What had they “lately quitted”?  A Monarchy, a strong National government.

On the one hand, we have those founders who shared Mr. Hamilton’s view abandoning the Confederacy in favor of a National government…………

“ Not very remote from that which they have lately quitted “

These men have been incorrectly labeled “Federalist’s“, when indeed they were NATIONALIST’S.

On the other hand we have those Founders who despised what they had “lately quitted”, favoring the Confederacy of States, (a Confederated Republic), that they had established in order to protect God’s gift of Liberty.

One of these men was Patrick Henry who refused to attend the convention stating………


He apparently suspected what Hamilton and others among the Virginia delegation had in mind, (which was a call for a National government, under what is known as the “Virginia Plan”)

These men such as Patrick Henry, who wished to remain under the Confederacy, The Articles of Confederation,  “Stiled, The United States of America“, have been mislabeled “ANTI-FEDERALISTS“, WHEN IN FACT THEY WERE CONFEDERATES.

Many will consider it almost heresy to speak such of Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Washington (“The Father of our Country” as they say), and others who have been incorrectly labeled “Federalists”. But then there are also those who have that same feeling about Abraham Lincoln, after all he was the “Great Emancipator “, the man who “saved the Union”, Right?

The motives which impelled these men to take the actions that they took, whether lofty and moral minded or not, makes little difference to the end result.

That end result is what we face today, that end has brought us full circle back to the beginning. That Beginning? We call it TYRANNY! 

The Confederate such as Patrick Henry, George Mason, Robert Yates, George Clinton, Melancton Smith, Richard Henry Lee, and so many others wished to retain our Confederacy under The Articles of Confederation, while the Nationalists such as Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Washington, John Jay, John Hancock, and others, wished to place power in a centralized government.

Thus the debates began between the Founders; One side wishing to retain the already established Confederacy, the other wishing to replace it with a National Government.

While the Nationalists have clearly won the hearts and minds of those who call Confederates “TRAITORS”, The Confederates refuse to give up the fight to restore their Confederacy.

How can we claim the founders Confederacy when we seek to restore our Dejure 1861 Confederacy?

That answer will be revealed as you read further.

The Confederates fought against the Nationalists in the Constitutional debates. In the end the Confederates were able to have included a few fail safes to temporarily stave off the full blown National Empire that plagues our God given LIBERTY today.

Those Confederates realized that they had only accomplished a temporary dam to hold off the BLOOD and TYRANNY to come.

Patrick Henry knew that these fail safes would not last, that the temporary dam would not hold back the flood of blood and tyranny….

“This government cannot last,” he thundered, “It will not last a century; we can only get rid of its oppression by a most violent and bloody struggle.”

It did not last a century before a bloody struggle took place and a National Democracy/Empire took the place of the Founders Confederacy, destroying the States, and replacing them with subservient provinces, (Administrative districts of a single Sovereign).

That bloody struggle came when Abraham Lincoln decided to force on what was left of these United States, As well as the Confederate States and the people, that full blown National Government (EMPIRE), that Hamilton and other Nationalists had tried to establish about 90 years earlier.

What small vestiges that remained of the Founders Confederacy, such as States Powers, which were thinly protected by an actual senate in which the States appointed their Senators, thus giving the States a dept within the central government as a check against improper legislation, exists no more.

As a result of Mr. Lincoln’s work, the senate no longer acts as the Confederates intended,  now serving as a duplication of the House of Representatives, wherein the States no longer have a say in legislation, resulting in a full blown National Democracy Government, NOT A REPUBLIC, NOT A CONFEDERACY & NOT A FEDERAL SYSTEM, BUT A NATIONAL EMPIRE.

Who are the traitors?

Who supports the National Democracy, the Defacto government?

Who rejects the Confederacy, calling those who support it” TRAITORS”?

Other objections that Patrick Henry had to the 1787 Constitution; the same constitution that Conservatives, Tea party republicans, and “Constitutionalist’s” cherish so dearly, was that it was too centralized and to far removed from the citizens. Patrick Henry also denounced the 1787 Constitution as…………….



James Madison described a National government as this….

”The idea of a National Government involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizen, but an indefinite SUPERIORITY over all persons and things.”

What Confederates understand is that we have an opportunity to restore the Founders Confederacy through the legal restoration of our 1861 Confederacy.

Our Confederate government never surrendered!

Robert E Lee surrendered the army of Northern Virginia. Generals cannot surrender governments.

Our Confederate State governments were forced into political exile & thus remain in that forced political exile, waiting to be restored.

Those who once held office do not make the Confederate government, they simply served in it.

Our Confederate Constitution is what establishes our Confederate government, and the Confederate government did not surrender thus the Constitution still remains as our DEJURE government.

Let us use the Confederate State of Tennessee as an example………….

Isham Harris was elected governor of the State of Tennessee in 1857, and again in 1859. Isham Harris was the Dejure governor of Tennessee, and was Tennessee’s governor On June 8, 1861 when the people of Tennessee declared their State FREE and INDEPENDENT. Upon the invasion and occupation of the Confederate State of Tennessee the DEJURE Confederate government was force into political exile, and the occupying foreign empire appointed Andrew Johnson as MILITARY governor March 12, 1862. This MILITARY governor………. (Andrew Johnson) , DEMANDED that all Nashville city officers and employees take an oath of allegiance to the Union, (THE FOREIGN OCCUPYING EMPIRE), when they refused, he had them arrested for TREASON and appointed his own officers in their place.

Duress….. Any unlawful threat or coercion used by a person to induce another to act (or refrain from acting) in a manner he or she otherwise would not (or would).

A convention of loyal Unionists appointed by the Military governor,  (TRAITORS TO THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, The FOUNDERS and the CONFEDERACY) met in Nashville on January 9,1865 and drafted amendments to the State constitution, establishing a new government, candidates for governor, and a new legislature,

(Which in reality are administrators of the newly established province of the empire retaining the name “Tennessee”).

Elections were held on February 22 and March 4, 1865 in which NO CONFEDERATE SYMPATHIZERS WERE ALLOWED TO VOTE. Only traitors to the Founders and the Confederacy were allowed to vote, The Terrorist, William Gannaway Brownlow was elected by these TRAITORS to govern the newly established province of the Empire.

This is how Tennessee was transformed from a Sovereign State into a Province of a NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, (AN EMPIRE), and likely similar to the method used in reconstructing each confederate State into provinces.

Here is where the Machiavellian illusion comes into play……………………….


[A]llow them [the conquered] to live under their own laws, taking tribute of them, and creating within the country a government composed of a few who will keep it friendly to you…. A city used to liberty can be more easily held by means of its citizens than in any other way….

“…[T]hey must at least retain the semblance of the old forms; so that it may seem to the people that there has been no change in the institutions, even though in fact they are entirely different from the old ones. For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often even more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are…. [The conqueror should] not wish that the people… should have occasion to regret the loss of any of their old customs….”

Niccola Machiavelli,.

This Illusion has been perpetuated by the occupying Empire to this day, and sadly our people have fallen victim to this illusion, believing that the States still exist, that this Democracy, this National government, this Empire is the Founders system that it is their Dejure government, IT IS NOT!

The tribute that is taken from you within the Machiavellian illusion is Taxation for the National Democracy to distribute as they choose, even to States beyond the fifty provinces it has established in the place of the States.

The semblance of the old forms is the governmental structure the senate is only make believe as the senators are no longer appointed by the States legislatures, removing that dept that the States once controlled to prevent improper legislation and a National democracy. That the States exist in this illusion is outside of reality, as a State cannot exist without sovereignty. Provinces exist where States once resided, yet the illusion is perpetuated by calling the provinces of the empire “States”. The empire calling a horse a dog does not make it so, though the people may be convinced it is. This illusion is not reality! It is time that Confederates unshackle themselves from these chains of illusion.


It does not matter, LEFT, RIGHT, CONSERVATIVE, LIBERAL, Constitutionalist, Progressive, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, or Socialist, It is NOT our Dejure government. It is a Defacto EMPIRE. I see good Confederate’s everyday get caught up in the politics of this defacto government that occupies our land, our Founders system of government, and plagues our God given Liberty, Yes while it is true that what this defacto government does affects Confederates as well, however, our participation in it only serves to legitimize it, while indoctrinating our children into accepting the GRAND Machiavellian illusion. Our focus should be on restoring our Dejure Confederate government, teaching our children who the real traitors are, not legitimizing the defacto government that occupies our Confederacy and denies our God given Liberties.

These Nationalist who support the current National government are the Traitors! They have no claim to either the Founders Confederated Republic, or the 1787 constitution for that matter, as the 1787 constitutional system has been perverted and converted to a National democracy empire. Let us end with the last words of James Madison from the constitutional debates, January 16, 1788…..

“If we try the Constitution by its last relation to the authority by which amendments are to be made, we find it neither wholly national nor wholly federal. Were it wholly national, the supreme and ultimate authority would reside in the majority of the people of the Union; and this authority would be competent at all times, like that of a majority of every national society, to alter or abolish its established government. Were it wholly federal, on the other hand, the concurrence of each State in the Union would be essential to every alteration that would be binding on all. The mode provided by the plan of the convention is not founded on either of these principles. In requiring more than a majority, and particularly in computing the proportion by States, not by citizens, it departs from the national and advances towards the federal character; in rendering the concurrence of less than the whole number of States sufficient, it loses again the federal and partakes of the national character.

The proposed Constitution, therefore, [even when tested by the rules laid down by its antagonists,][1] is, in strictness, neither a national nor a federal Constitution, but a composition of both. In its foundation it is federal, not national; in the sources from which the ordinary powers of the government are drawn, it is partly federal and partly national; in the operation of these powers, it is national, not federal; in the extent of them, again, it is federal, not national; and, finally, in the authoritative mode of introducing amendments, it is neither wholly federal nor wholly national.”

The “Virginia plan” call for a National democracy was averted by the arguments of the Confederates, leaving the 1787 constitution somewhere between a National, and a Federal system. Lincolns war converted it to a “Wholly National” government, Therefore Confederates are the legitimate heirs to the founders Republic, while those who support the Current government in the District of Columbia are heirs to Lincolns National government accepting their Status as subjects under a government that…. “involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizen, but an indefinite SUPERIORITY over all persons and things.”