White Slavery, what the Scots already know

From: J.Wareagle@verizon.net
To: Bernhard1848@att.net


Hey, Bernhard, I wonder if the English have a wing in their museum to memorialize all the Scots that they enslaved??? I would be happy to see a tiny memorial to the 25,000 kidnapped Scots they sent to Barbados in chains to plant sugar cane. that 25,000 planted the first sugar cane crop that resulted in the founding of the Mt. Gay Rum distillery in 1703. That distillery produced the rum that fueled the British side of the Atlantic Slave Trade. When you look at the British Union Jack, you still see the beloved Cross of St. Andrew of Scotland crushed under the oppressive weight of the Cross of St. George! I’ve always said that "Political Correctness" can cut both ways. Do the English really want to go there?

Jim Walters,
KTJ, FSA Scot,
Laird O ‘ Tha Haggis
The Caledonian Kitchen