Which Side Was Right? Some Simple Questions

From: mtgriffith1@yahoo.com

Q: Which side first seized and then occupied property that the other side viewed as its own?

A: The North. (The federal occupation of Fort Sumter, Charleston, SC, on December 26, 1860.)

Q: Which side first sent an unwanted, uninvited armed naval force into one of the other side’s ports in order to resupply a garrison that was occupying a fort that the other side viewed as its own?

A: The North. (The armed naval convoy that Lincoln sent to Fort Sumter.)

Q: Which side sought peaceful relations based on peaceful coexistence and a mutual respect for the other’s sovereignty?

A: The South. (The CSA sent a peace delegation to D.C. soon after it was formed, but Lincoln wouldn’t even meet with the delegation.)

Q: Which side sent out peace feelers and expressed a desire for peace even when it was winning on the battlefield?

A: The South.

Q: Which side wanted to make the other side its largest trading partner?

A: The South.

Q: Which side refused to even discuss peaceful separation, peaceful coexistence, diplomatic recognition, and good trade relations?

A: The North.

Q: Which side was willing to let the other live under a government of its own choosing and merely wanted the freedom to do the same?

A: The South.

Q. Which side sent an invasion force into the other’s territory?

A: The North. (That’s why nearly all the battles were fought in the Southern states.)

Q: Which side refused to sell the other medicine, even though the medicine was to be used for the other side’s POWs?

A: The North.

Q: Which side deliberately allowed thousands of the other side’s POWs to freeze and/or starve to death, even though it had ample supplies to keep the POWs alive?

A: The North.

Q: Which side had to imprison over 20,000 to 30,000 of its own citizens, shut down two of its state legislatures, suspend habeas corpus by executive order, shut down over 300 newspapers, imprison dozens of newspaper editors, and expel members of its own House and Senate in order to suppress domestic opposition to its war policies?

A: The North.

Q: Which side resorted to large-scale warfare on the other side’s civilian population and by this warfare killed some 50,000 of the other side’s civilians?

A: The North.

Q: Which side tried to assassinate the other side’s president and cabinet?

A: The North. (The Dahlgren raid.)

Mike Griffith
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