Which flags come down?

It seems important to many that we take down the Confederate flags that remind some of us of racism, and put them away for good. What about taking down all flags that remind anyone in this country of racism? Where to start?

What about the flags that flew over the slave ships leaving Africa with their holds full of human cargo in the 1700s? What flag was flying over the slave auction center, the Market House, in Philadelphia in 1805?

What flags were flying over the ships from Rhode Island that were trading guns and rum for slaves in 1806?

Which flag was in the chamber of the Supreme Court in 1857 when it declared Dred Scott still legally a slave? Which flag could be seen by the people in the "slave pens" in Washington, D.C., in 1860?

Which flag was flying over the New York-owned slave ship Wildfire as it was captured carrying a slave cargo in 1860 in the Caribbean?

Which flag flew over the U.S. Capitol as newly inaugurated President Abraham Lincoln endorsed the permanent legalization of slavery in 1861? And which flag flew over the Supreme Court of the United States in 1898 when "Jim Crow" laws were ruled legal?

Maybe the question is not where to begin, but where to end.

Milton Scarboro