Where were all the Black Confederates?
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Charles & all,
Channahon’s Confederates
Local history sleuth investigates story that soldiers were buried beneath I-55 bridge
The Courier News
At the bottom of this article in the Yankee press Chicago’s The Courier News there is a blog spot from a fellow who calls himself "A Civil War Historian & U. S. History Teacher". His blog is full of the typical Yankee rhetoric about their belief that the subject of Black Confederates is a myth. Not only does the above article show the disgusting habit that Yankees have of desecrating the graves of our brave Southern heroes by building a highway bridge on top of them but the blog shows the utter contempt that modern Yankees, who claim to be historians & learned scholars, have for the truth of our Confederate and Southern History. This Chicago Yankee jackleg needs a real education in the truth. No where in his blog does it mention any of the works by Kelly Barrow or any of the other Southerners who have spent countless hours and dollars out of their own pockets researching this issue. It breaks my heart to think of the brave Southern patriots buried under the trash and garbage of Chicago but it really boils my blood to read the audacity of such modern, so called educated, Yankees to deny the existence of anything that may clash with the history they are attempting to re-write every day.
Thank you to all of you modern day Southern patriots who keep the fires burning and the candle lit. God bless you all and God bless Dixie,
Sam Lyons             
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"In God we trust!"