Where the Dixie line don’t go
From: torpenhow@charter.net
Below is a typical notification I’ve just received on a message being added to the Nationalist Times newspaper’s online discussion forum. So, a race rampage in Denver — what’s the relevance? Plenty. These things mostly happen outside of Dixie and I think it’s important we chronicle every case as it happens.
Every single incidence of this type is highly relevant to our informational campaign. The leftist establishment hates the South because of its supposedly deeply racist nature and "culture of violence." Well, let them pile up the statistics to prove it! We’ve got the goods on them in the obvious cases alone — Watts, Cincinnati, Newark et al.
You hear me citing the abovementioned forum over and over and may think I’m just trying to promote a pet cause or project, but it ain’t necessarily so. The paper and forum earn me nothing, they merely cost me hours and hours of volunteer labor per week. I just want folks to know there are great resources out there for the good of the Cause….. and in this case, of course, felt the urge to speak as the Great and Humble Pundit Of The Universe (GAHPOTU) to point out the merits of one link (in particular) of the wealth of them already racked up in SHNV this week.
Having thrown the above title up in haste — Where the Dixie Line Don’t Go — it now occurs to me that it would indeed make a great premise for a topical (maybe satirical) song on the riot "issue". Any of you Dixie balladeers want to take it up?
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