by Colonel Dan – Posted: 01.12.01

"… the ugly symbol of idiotic white supremacy, racism and denigration" ~ NAACP resolution of 1991 ~

Attacks on the Confederate battle flag continue and are spreading throughout the country like the black plague of medieval Europe. As we all knew, it didn’t stop once the South Carolina legislature surrendered to the pressure from the NAACP and had it removed from the State House. The attack has spread to other states, cemeteries and even monuments to fallen Confederate soldiers. In Georgia, the NAACP and the Black Legislative Caucus show no concern whatsoever for what the people of that state may want, it only matters what they want as indicated via the threat or "promise" recently made by state Representative Tyrone Brooks:

"It’s not a threat, it’s a promise that if nothing happens during this session, there will be boycotts and sanctions," said state Rep. Tyrone Brooks as a new legislative session got under way Monday. "Georgia will be hit a hundred times worse than South Carolina."

Why does this assault continue and where does it all lead? In an official resolution passed in 1991, the NAACP leaves no doubt as they clearly state, total removal of the flag from all public property is their ultimate goal—and thereby the symbolic destruction and domination of a people’s history and their cultural heritage.

"NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the national office of the NAACP and all units commit their legal resources to the removal of the Confederate Flag from all public properties." ~ NAACP Resolution of 1991 ~

Publicly, the NAACP would have America believe their crusade is because that flag was the embodiment of slavery and hatred and they want that symbol of hate obliterated from America. But it’s the NAACP whose resolution against the flag reeks of hatred. I don’t hear or see such formally sanctioned words of hatred coming from national organizations that honor the flag as a symbol of the struggle for independence and states rights. So where’s the real hate on this issue? Read on.

The NAACP resolution further states that the symbol " is an abhorrence to all Americans and decent people of this country, and indeed the world and is an odious blight upon the universe." You’ll note that they don’t even use the words "should be" an abhorrence, or "is an abhorrence to us" they use the phrase "is an abhorrence to all Americans," indicating no other possibility exists—for anyone. It "is an abhorrence to all Americans" and that’s that because they say so—period.

Let’s look at the meaning of this word abhorrent as defined in the Oxford Dictionary, American Edition, 1997. Abhorrent: disgusting; repugnant; hateful; detestable; abominable, contemptible, loathsome; vile; repulsive, repellent.

I think the word abhorrent associated with the flag and therefore those who see that flag in a different light than the NAACP is clearly an expression of hate issued by a nationally recognized organization—at least it is in my book. Maybe a court of law and its associated lawyers would see it differently but common sense says otherwise.

I personally resent being placed in such a category because I don’t find that flag abhorrent. In fact, I find that flag honorably symbolic of a struggle against a dictatorial government—a struggle by courageous Americans of our past, the vast majority of whom never owned a slave in their lives. Americans we should respect and honor rather than vilify because of their struggle against oppressive federalism.

Additionally, the NAACP can’t speak for all Americans and decent people of this country much less the world without judging and unfairly categorizing those people that don’t happen to agree. Does their statement mean that if you don’t agree with their view you are not a real American or a decent person of this country? That’s what it clearly says in my view. And what gives anyone the authority to be so judgmental as to say that this flag, "is an odious blight upon the universe." Who really believes they can or have a right to speak for the entire universe? That in itself is absolutely ludicrous and a statement of pure arrogance.

If anyone thinks that the statement concerning the Confederate flag as being an abhorrent representation of slavery and hate to all decent Americans, and being such an odious blight upon the universe, is an acceptable statement devoid of anything hateful, then they must also agree that Old Glory is just as odious a symbol because of the indisputable fact that slavery existed under that particular flag for many more years than it did under the Confederate flag. That flag, the stars and stripes, may just be next.

If that is the logic, it must then also follow that any flag representing the pan-African nations, the green, red and black flag, must also be attacked because of the inter-tribal slave trade that occurred on that continent which sold thousands of Africans into slavery through black slave traders and the virtual genocide that continues there even today.

You just can’t declare this a one-way street where people’s honored symbols are concerned and expect everyone to lie down for it as clearly indicated by such a statement. You just can’t be that selective with symbolism unless the actual reason behind this protest has nothing whatsoever to do with slavery or the Confederate flag at all but rather the subjugation of an entire culture and heritage? Might that be a possibility? Given that modern liberals always hide their real intentions behind some phony noble cause, such as using "for the children" to hide their skullduggery, it is my feeling that this assault on the flag is a smoke screen. The goal appears to be more one of dominance, distortion of history, and the obliteration of a culture, an entire heritage and the memory of a struggle for independence.

If an argument is to be made that racist groups have turned the Confederate flag into a hate symbol and thus it must go, what about those who make all manner of things from the Stars and Stripes that it was never meant to symbolize – something we’ve all seen with ever increasing frequency? Does not that fall into a similar category? Those groups too have made something of the American flag that it was never intended to symbolize. I guess then we ought to refer to those who salute our current flag as indecent, abhorrent and an odious blight upon the universe as well—is that the logic here? Will the NAACP and their supporters have the courage of their convictions to make that claim in a public way with yet another formal resolution—this time against Old Glory?

I don’t pretend to speak for others on this, they can certainly do so for themselves, but I for one am extremely weary of constantly being on the receiving end of this barrage of modern liberalism’s unfounded accusations that goes officially unchallenged just because I have a differing view point that may be politically unacceptable under the current environment which exists in America these days. It’s time a firm stand is taken on this issue and the message clearly sent. Our heritage and struggle for independence is worthy of tribute and we will not back down from recognizing and honoring that heritage because of some hate filled resolution and threats of economic destruction from a group led by socialists pursuing an agenda of deceit, division, and domination.

If people seriously cannot see the hate, bigotry, judgmentalism, irrationality, and arrogance in such a resolution as the NAACP published and the underlying attitude of such a statement, then it’s clear to me that America is in serious trouble here.

Just the view from my saddle…

Note: In the interest of accuracy, I have reprinted the NAACP Resolution below. However, you can go into any search engine and type "NAACP 1991 Resolution" and read it for yourself from multiple sources.

NAACP 1991 Resolution

At their 1991 national convention, the NAACP passed the following resolution:


1. Resolution abhorring the Confederate Battle Flag on State Flags Approved WHEREAS, the tyrannical evil symbolized in the Confederate Battle Flag is an abhorrence to all Americans and decent people of this country, and indeed the world and is an odious blight upon the universe; and,

WHEREAS, African-Americans, had no voice, no consultation, no concurrence, no commonality, not in fact nor in philosophy, in the vile conception of the Confederate Battle Flag or State Flags containing the ugly symbol of idiotic white supremacy, racism and denigration; and,

WHEREAS, we adamantly reject the notion that African-Americans should accept this flag for any stretch of the imagination or approve its presence on State Flags;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the national office of the NAACP and all units commit their legal resources to the removal of the Confederate Flag from all public properties."

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