Where’s South’s apology for starting the Civil War?

Ted Humphries should get his facts straight. With Confederate sharpshooters hiding in houses to fire at Union troops, how can he possibly expect that those Union troops would not try to silence them?

When the U.S. made "total war on the people of Virginia," it was because the Virginia (and other) state governments were in rebellion against the legally constituted government of our country.

President Lincoln swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. The Confederates violated that Constitution.

Mr. Humphries asks whether the federal government has ever apologized for the "criminal acts" committed against Virginia. I ask whether the Confederates, who started the whole mess under the guise of "states’ rights," ever apologized to the United States.

And one more thing about that: Do not think that "states’ rights" was the cause of the war. It was only an excuse.

The cause of the war was a completely unfounded belief that Lincoln was going to abolish slavery. Slavery was, and is, the only cause of the Civil War.

Although Lincoln detested slavery, he felt that he was bound by the Constitution to take no action against it. The common people of the South were bamboozled into fighting a war to protect the property rights (slaves) of the Southern aristocracy.

As for the Chambersburg incident, can Mr. Humphries provide one instance of when Union troops entered a city, demanded ransom from that city, and then burned it down because the city could not pay? This is the work of thugs and cowards, not brave soldiers who claimed to be defending their homes. And don’t cite Atlanta or Columbus. There is no similarity between Chambersburg and those incidents.

It sounds to me like Mr. Humphries is ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. I would be willing to bet that if the Confederacy had won the war, critics of today’s government would be thrown in jail, or worse, for exercising the freedom of speech we enjoy today.

Daniel Augustine