From: Georgia Flagger,
Date: July 25, 2009

Basically this group tried and lost to place these pro flag brochures in the area schools.
Bearden 673

Published: July 25, 2009

Why aren’t churches, historical groups joining this fight?

To the Editor:

Cumberland Times-News

Let’s hear a round of applause along with a standing ovation for the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization, which appears to be the only historic group in the area with any guts to promote our nation’s true history.

Recently I reviewed the educational Confederate Flag Brochure. What a superb job! This is a professional, high quality brochure designed to teach the reader about the true history of the state’s rights issues of the Confederacy as well as a thorough history of the four major patriotic Confederate Flags.

Apparently there is a great move from the left (socialists) to attack anything in our nation that promotes our true past. For a nation who does not know their history, the nation and its people have no direction as to where they are going.

I wonder why other historic groups and even churches do not come to the ally of the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization on this issue! Where is the Allegany County Historical Society? This is a group who occupies the former home of Confederate state’s rights supporter, Josiah Gordon at 218 Washington St. Cumberland.

Mr. Gordon was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates during the Civil War. He along with many other delegates voted for Maryland to join the Confederacy. For exercising his constitutional right to vote, he was thrown into federal prison for the remainder of the Civil War.

Lastly, where is the local Civil War Roundtable? This is a group of individuals who apparently meet to discuss issues of the Civil War. Shouldn’t they want the true history of the Confederate Flags presented to our young people?

One can really see that political correctness is alive and well in Allegany County.

Linda Burgess
Secretary, Cumberland Historical Cemetery Organization