When grave robbing and vandalism is tolerated…
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck and all SHNV’ers
I received from my Bama Brother, Billy Price, very shortly after it appeared as an AP story info about what I will relate to as the "Auburn Atrocity".  Everyone here is aware of to the despicable act.
In fact, some folks here in Bridgeport, are aware of it, and they are neither SHNV subscribers, nor did they hear it from me. Such is the reach and the power of the AP.
A married couple from here asked me about the situation, and what recourse I thought might be taken, as they saw it as totally disgraceful.  I might add, these people, to the best of their knowledge, have not one Confederate ancestor; it does not matter to them, they were outraged.
Now, it goes without sayin, I sent my thoughts on the situation  to the "Bishop" although, I referred to him as "Pontius Pilot", and my only reason for not ‘bcc’ it to SHNV was there are  far more articulate writers on this list than myself; why waste Chuck’s valuable space when it could be better used by others.
However, now that the firestorm and flurry of mails is 48 hrs old, I wanted to interject my "2 beads worth"; Indian equivalent of "2 cents worth ".
In the mid to late 80’s, I truly "came to fame" as some have put it, as an activist, and it was over the desecration of graves.  For several years, I served as Executive Director of SAGE (Society Against Grave Exploitation), a few years later I was made Executive Director of IKOTHA (Inter-tribal Kinship of the Hostage Ancestors).  I am quite sure these acronyms are self-explanatory.
Long story short, it was, at that time, legal to plunder American Indian graves with not even the slightest of criminal implications.  At the urging of Elders from more than two dozen tribes, I took it unto myself to fight these most despicable actions, making them my highest priority.  In doing so, I put my restaurant, video store, music, and shamefully even family time on the back burner.  End result, in less than two years what had been legal, became criminal.  To this day I remain on the Governor’s Adhoc Committee as a representative of the tribes that once resided in ill-annoy, and who were forcibly removed.
To this date, I have never internally felt better about giving the best in a fight than I did in those years.
In the Indian world, it is taught from childhood to death, that all things come full circle.  At this time, I certainly do not have the means, contacts, or political connections that I experienced from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.  However, as a descendant of multiple Confederate veterans, red and white alike, I am calling upon what sources, keyboard warriors, American veterans and people of good conscience, to assist in any and all legal action necessary to not only see the flags that were removed, rightfully re-installed, but also the removal from office and prosecution on criminal charges of one Councilman Dowdell.
I have red brothers and sisters willing to help.  I hope there are those on this list that will follow suit.  I’m not asking anyone here to follow my lead, but I am requesting that no one gives up this fight until justice is served.
For the Honour and the Glory due all American Veterans,
T Warren, Kaw/Osage mixed blood, Heritage Officer
Capt. James Knox, Camp 2022, GA Division SCV
Proud Member of 5 Warrior Societies