Re: When Will The War End?


TO: Reporter David Zimmerman
RE: article "When will the war end?"

Sir — the abovementioned piece would seem to ask when the War of Northern Aggression will finally end. Two answers are possible, but you aren’t going to find either one very good for business:

A. The War at Allen Central High could end very easily. The staff of the school could hold a press conference and say "True `diversity’ — the thing every school purports to exist for about today — obviously means full tolerance and acceptance of "ALL cultures", including the one most characteristic to our region going back over one and a half centuries. Besides, a few minutes’ research in major new periodicals’ websites has proven beyond all shadow of doubt that Confederate heritage is the most honorable of all — indeed it’s the anti-South hatemongers that deserved to be banished, not Southern symbols. Case closed — everybody back to class. Those found guilty of deliberately disturbing schools will be prosecuted!"

B. The War of Northern Aggression will end when Northerners stop raping, robbing and murdering the South.

Yes, I said "raping, robbing and murdering the South."

There was no problem over Southern symbols — no divisiveness, no "hurting" or "offended" schoolchildren, tied-up state legislatures, etc., over the emblem until the demonstrably Marxist NAACP and demonstrably Leninist mass media started whipping up the current hate war against The South.

Yes, I said "current hate war."

CURRENT — because it’s simply the a continuation of the class conflict that is the bread and butter of career demagogues;

HATE — because is painfully obvious that that’s what really motivates the various factions aligned against the South (the usual round of suspects);

and WAR, because it’s simply the present phase of the OFFENSIVE WAR that liberal utopianist do-gooder hypocrites started in 1861 but NEVER left off fighting. What they couldn’t accomplish with cannons and torches they are presently prosecuting with systematic mass brainwashing and hypnotism.

Perhaps you’ll call me a conspiracy nut, Mr. Zimmerman, but how else would you explain the current constant fomenting of strife everywhere today against tokens of Southern culture, considering that until very recently the whole country acknowledged the South as its beloved mother and warmly celebrated her CONFEDERATE heritage everywhere — rebel flags and all?

As I say, these painfully obvious facts aren’t very good for your business, and I don’t hope to see you highlighting them on the air……… unless, of course your industry suddenly chooses to trade propaganda for truth.

Nelson Waller, M.Mus., Anderson, S.C., CSA

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