Tuesday, August 31, 2010
When America was God’s Country

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.,
Speaker and Author of the book “When America Stood for God, Family and Country.” cjohnson1861@bellsouth.net

The United States of America is a vast melting pot of many people of different origins and religions….And, thank God, we are still free to worship at the church, synagogue or mosque of our choice as our nation celebrates her 234th birthday as an American-Christian Republic.

But, today, some folks are questioning the wisdom, or lack of, in building a Mosque and Islamic Center near “Ground Zero” the sacred site where the World Trade Center was destroyed by terrorists on September 11, 2001. This is sacred-honored ground that some compare to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where thousands were also senselessly killed.

Is this the same America of forty-five “45” years ago, when our nation celebrated the Civil War Centennial or over two-hundred “200” years ago, when our founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence? Are children still taught the words to the Declaration of Independence or Bill of Rights?

Why do some of our Washington representatives, who are sworn to defend the Constitution and American people, criticize the State of Arizona for upholding the Constitution and protecting their people?

If only we had the values of the 1960s when….

Mothers, Fathers, Grandmas and Grandpas shared stories and words of wisdom with their children. The young folks were encouraged to live more constructive and fruitful lives by avoiding cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and obeying the laws of God—that are the Ten Commandments and the laws of man.

During 1961-65, America remembered the men of the Union Blue and Confederate Gray of the War Between the States and….

In 1965 people enjoyed quality time at the drive-in or in-door picture show to see such great movies as: “Shenandoah” starring James Stewart, “A High Wind in Jamaica” starring Anthony Quinn, “Von Ryan’s Express” starring Frank Sinatra, “The Sons of Katie Elder” starring John Wayne and the academy award winner “The Sound of Music” starring Julie Andrews. Veteran Movie Director Henry Koster was still making family film classics like: Dear Brigitte starring James Stewart and Glynis Johns.

Television shows during the autumn of 1965 were magnificently transcending from black and white to color, that included such shows as: “The Lawrence Welk Show” on ABC, “Daniel Boone” staring Fess Parker on NBC and “The Andy Griffith Show” also starring Don Knotts on CBS.

During the 1960s, presidents hardly ever apologized for America, the family attended church on Sunday and streets were safer even though firearms were easier to purchase.

The music scene of 1965 exploited with excitement with such entertainers as: the Beatles, the Supremes, the Dixie Cups, Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Louis Armstrong, Tennessee Ernie Ford, George Jones and Loretta Lynn—to name a few.

In 1965, a Mother could safely leave her front door unlocked to go the store, school bands still played “Dixie” and everyone respected the fireman, policeman, paramedic, school teacher and soldier.

America has never been perfect but Capitalism, not Communism, has endured the test of time. When I was growing up, no one quoted former Communist or Socialist leaders. Americans quoted from great men like: George Washington, Sir Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee.

The world looks toward America as the last hope for the free world. But, are we still the land of the free and home of the brave and is our motto still “In God We Trust?”

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