The Wheat from the Chaff


Dear Dr. Manning:

As a 70 year old lady, I am perhaps more sensitive to the breakdown in social manners and mores than some of our younger folk. I am also amused and somewhat annoyed that a society which insists upon “sensitivity”
seems so very insensitive towards certain groups and individuals who do not follow the “party line.” If there is one thing that the current culture has raised to an art form, it is the double standard.

As for people who opine on these blogs and forums: I know that most of these places have “ground rules” but the simple fact is – as is so often the case elsewhere – the folks who don’t need them read them and the
folks who do, don’t.

And I know that I have been angered and posted so myself from time to time though I usually (unless severely provoked) do not get “personal,” but righteous and even mistaken anger should not be allowed to deteriorate into ad hominem attacks. ANY such attack should be removed and the poster warned against any repeat of the offense. As I told the president of my local (Yankee) Civil War Roundtable, there is no subject that cannot be debated if all parties practice courtesy, restraint and objectivity. Most people lose those great traits only when they cannot make the other person agree with their viewpoint. Somewhere in the angst of the age, the old American tradition of, “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” has died, murdered by political correctness.

Valerie Protopapas