What could have been so offensive???
From: patriot1861@yahoo.com
From the article:
"Lawmakers changed the bill to strip it of any reference to the statue offered by Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Rep. George Flaggs, D-Vicksburg, said he voted for the bill because it had been changed.  "In its original form, it was offensive to a lot of lawmakers," said Flaggs, who is black and is from a historic Civil War city."

Boy, I would really like to read the bill "in its original form.  What could have been so offensive I wonder???  Could it have been because the SCV offered a statue of Davis?  For shame, as the SCV is such a dishonorable organization that it be stricken from any record and not recognized for this and many other worthy efforts to remember our Confederate Veterans.  This article unfairly maligns the SCV by this sentence in the article alone!  Could it have been that it was a statue of Davis, God forbid an historical truth that flies in the face of political correctness, of Davis with his son and a black orphan that he and his wife adopted.
Oh, but I must say, I am surprised that they ended up voting for a bill calling for restoration of the old Davis statue.  It is the least that Mississippi can do for a man who was not only the President of the Confederacy, but a Miss. Senator, US Secretary of War and influential in founding the Smithsonian, among many other things.  Despite my surprise and happiness that the old statue will be taken care of, the Mississippi legislature ought to be ashamed for turning down the SCV offer and in doing so, allowing it to be looked upon negatively in the press….when the SCV has done nothing wrong.
Charles Lauret
Great Grandson of a Mississippi Confederate Veteran