From: "Craig Maus",
Date: November 13, 2009

Dear Confederates & Patriots (bcc herein),
It is the human psyche to deny the obvious when the anticipated result is consternation.  We must always be sensitive to this most human frailty less we compromise right from wrong and good from bad.
If and when we forget this most basic awareness and yield that responsibility to another in the hopes they will ‘SHIELD’ us from reality, it won’t be long before we are made their docile sheeple— never knowing who and what we once were, much less knowing ANY difference between right from wrong and good from bad.
It is to this end in which America finds itself today.
We have all been hustled by a Government who has always had its own interests ahead of the people for some time. It is only now that most are coming to grips with this harsh & obvious reality.
When you educate yourself with the ‘dot’s of history’, the relevance of this reality, however painful, becomes more apparent, clearly revealing for you the entire ‘Picture of the Transformation’ that has been cleverly hidden from you:
The Socialized Amendments passed immediately after the Civil War- most notably the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments of the ‘New Constitution’.
Reconstruction and the ’26th Congress’ that EXCLUDED the ‘re-patrioted Southern States’ whose representation was given to the CarpetBagger’s, et al, while a Federal Army stood by to guarantee THEIR action’s- ‘legal or otherwise’.
The establishment of the Non-Federal Federal Reserve System at Jeckel’s Island in 1913 by the "New Progressive (see below)- Woodrow Wilson".
The removal of the gold standard guaranteeing any Federal debt and insuring the people’s money.
The transfer of all State Citizen’s into Federal Citizen’s.
FDR’s Socialist Program’s preceding WW II that were crafted & created under the guise of "getting us out of the depression"— when it was WW II that got us out of it with American Blood- AGAIN!
The wheeling & dealing with the Russian’s and the carving up of Europe prior to the War’s end and the economic ramification’s associated with it.
The creation of the United Nation’s born out of Woodrow (the PROGRESSIVE & see below) Wilson’s League of Nation’s after WW I.
Korea and UN involvement and on, and on, and on, and on ………..
And during each of these historical intersections in time, what was the one single entity that continued to grow & grow & grow?  THE Federal Government, while we, the people, through on-going Social Modification & Law, were becoming smaller & smaller & smaller and less & less & less significant.
I think McCarthy saw it coming and I suppose it can be argued how he went about doing things, but certainly NOT for the wrong reason’s, with his House Committee on Un-American Activities Investigation…….but here we are today with many scratching their heads in bewilderment wondering how a Government they thought they elected could be so absolute & un-responsive to their apparent needs?
Someone recently ‘suggested’ to me that this ‘dot-connecting’ would have required virtually every Federal ‘House’ since Lincoln, to be in compliance with this ideologue and that would be impossible.
My comment and analogy to this individual was simply this:
" Really?
Are you going to deny the fact that he (Lincoln) and the radical Republican’s within his cabinet did not force that War?
Are you going to deny the illegality of that War and the fact that Lincoln jailed just about everyone, including military & private citizen alike, who opposed him?
Are you going to deny the fact that he (Lincoln) suspended the U.S. Constitution until the War was in full scale and too late to stop?
Are you going to deny the fact that he (Lincoln) NEVER had Congressional approval to Invade the South much less wage a War against them?
Are you going to deny the ties that he (Lincoln) had with the Red Republicans & Socialists of that time known as the Forty-Eighter’s?
Are you going to deny the congratulatory letter that he (Lincoln) received from Karl Marx regarding his ‘victory’ over the Christian South upon the war’s conclusion?
Are you going to deny the designed retribution sought at the expense of the South in the form of Reconstruction and what it meant to this country overall at the War’s conclusion & over time ever since?
And these were the actions of an American President, so what makes him or any since, any different with the exception of but a few?
And what is the one constant over time? – – – FEDERAL GROWTH!
So why is it inconceivable to accept my position and what makes yours (his) so absolute?
They have merely disguised their actions in the form of national need, etc., but their laws build upon the former’s & follow suit with one another rendering the people as insignificant while elevating themselves in the bargain.
Administered upon an unsuspecting American Public much like a slow acting poison whose end always proves lethal.
And with each passing generation, the latter become less and less familiar with the former and thus, ultimately, we all become the unsuspecting  (including the State’s), thus being reduced in status to that of a bastard child who knows no identity & whose allegiance is to the only entity it has ever known-  the Federal Government.
Impossible he still say’s.
Consider this (I said & my analogy)-  When the first brick was laid for Pharaoh’s tomb, was it the same mason who laid the last one?  What are you trying to say he said?  Simply this- that Pharaoh never once changed but, over time, the mason’s did. And never once did any of them ever question who it was who laid that first brick or why!
And remember this as this was in YOUR TIME:
upon the end of the first Persian Gulf War in which George Bush the 1st was president in 1991, he said, and I quote:
" We are NOW entering into a One World, New World Order",  and also said the same in his state of the ‘union’ address to Congress.
" We are NOW entering into a One World, New World Order….."
Well, as I said to this man, how can an American President say we are entering into "A One World, New World Order " if in fact,  it didn’t already exist???
How can you enter into something if it didn’t already exist?
This was NOT being said figuratively- it was being said Matter of Factly, during a state of mortal euphoria!
George’y slipped and anyone who caught it and questioned it was immediately chided & ridiculed as a ‘yahoo.’  (Haven’t we been called that and more over the years?)  A couple of years later and Washington, along with it’s media, would refer to it as "Globalization."
And what about Barack Hussein Obama’s slip when he was candidate Obama, and was being questioned as never before, when he exclaimed in a mortal fit of frustration:
" The first thing THOSE PEOPLE do is run for their Bibles & their Guns."
" The first thing THOSE PEOPLE…."
Did anyone ever ask Obama to explain who "THOSE PEOPLE" were & what he really thought of THOSE PEOPLE?
Like George’y, he too slipped during a moment of ‘passion’.
You see folk’s, we ARE all "THOSE PEOPLE" and Obama does NOT like what we stand for in the least!  In fact, as he has so stated this in his books.  He not only dislikes this country, but equally hates what it once stood for & he is hell bent on changing all that! 
And what about Jon Corzine, the ex-governor of Blue State New Jersey wherein his concession speech he said:
" I will NEVER stop in advancing the ideas of PROGRESSIVE’s."
" I will NEVER stop in advancing the ideas of PROGRESSIVE’s."  —– Not Democrats as he is, but PROGRESSIVE’s. The same profile that Woodrow Wilson considered himself more than 100 years ago!
Isn’t that interesting?
The TRUTH, once more being revealed for ALL to see & hear, during a brief moment of passion once again.
And today who does the RepublicRats hold in exaltation- Lincoln the Red Republican & FDR, the Democratic Communist!  They are the exalted ones who ‘We The People’ have labored long and hard for…..much like those same laborer’s of old who built Pharaohs’ tombs over countless year’s while seeking and hoping for the ‘CHANGE’ that was never to be.
As I said, ‘ the mason who lays the first brick is not the same mason who lays the last brick’…..but the one constant is always the OVERSEER…. be it Pharaoh or the Federal!
So Goes The Christian South…So WILL Go This Nation!
Will YOU join us NOW?
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!

For God, Family and The Confederacy,

Craig Maus
humble president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organization’s,
Staunch Supporter’s for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South, The Confederate States of America!

Deo Vindice!
All For One and One For All- NO More, EVERMORE!
PS- When Government Becomes Absolute….We Must Become Resolute!