From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Thu, Aug 4, 2011
Subject: Re: REPLY- What the Bolsheviks Learned from LINCOLN- A History lesson. (The Imperial President- More History You Were Denied.)
To: "Dr. James L. Choron" <>

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Dr. Choron is a former Texan & practicing physician who served extensively as an Officer in the US Military (Navy & Marines) seeing action in multiple theaters over many years.  He currently resides in the Russian Federation.
He is well versed on the War For Southern Independence and has provided us with incredible information on how the Federal and our Confederacy are viewed & examined by the Russian People.  Additionally, what they have learned AND concluded in the aftermath of our loss relative to the ensuing Ideology that arose that was copied and applied by the Bolsheviks in 1917.
Please read his communiqué herein, as I believe YOU will find it MOST interesting & alarming, as it provides yet another example of ALL that has occurred since 1865 and why we are where we are today.
The Bolsheviks COPIED LINCOLN TO A ‘T’.
Deo Vindice,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America

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From: Dr. James L. Choron
To: Craig Maus
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Subject: Re: The Imperial President- More History You Were Denied.

Bro. Craig,
I am painfully aware of all of this and am glad that you brought it out.
Only 52 years after our Confederacy was occupied by the Federal Union, led by these same Socialists in Republican clothing, the same ‘divide and conquer’ tactics were used to bring them to power in this country (RUSSIA).  I have known people in the time that I’ve been here who remeber 1917.
Most people do not realize that there were two revolutions in Russia in 1917.  The first was in July and overthrew the Tsar, installing a truly multi-party republic led by Dr. Alexander Kerenski.  The second was in October and was led by V.I. Lenin and his Bolsheviks and overthrew Dr. Kerenski’s government.
The reasons that the first revolution led by Kerenski succeeded, were fairly simple and straightforward.The Tsar truly was as bad as he is made out to be.  He was an absolute autocrat and was hated by the people. He also involved Russia, which is  a singularly non-beligerant people under normal conditions, in the First World War which was the final ‘nail’ in his political coffin. However, Kerenski’s government  intended to deport the Tsar and his family as soon as they could find a nation that would accept them, most likely to England where his first cousin was King.
The Kerenski government failed and became succeptable to overthrow because of three reasons.  First, the Russian people had no history or tradition whatsoever in  representative government. They had over 1,500 years of the most authoritarian monarch in Europe and nothing else.  Secondly, Kerenski was unable to get Russia out of the First World War.  Finally, the Kerenski government was fragmented and and too weak to actually resist any serious and well-organized attack even if the attacker represented a much smaller portion of  the population.
The Bolsheviks were not the only socialist/communist party.  They were part of a movement that had two factions.  The Bolsheviks (derived from the Russian word for ‘large’) and the Menshiviks (derived from the Russian word for ‘smaller’).
The Bolsheviks were led by Lenin while the  Menshaviks were led by Trotsky.  They were usually at odds but united to overthrow Kerenski and put a communist/socialist government in power.  They succeded not because they were generally loved and supported, but because they were well organized and well funded.
Kerenski had no source of funding outside Russia and little recognition of his government.
The Bolsheviks/Menshiviks have been shown to have had both,  primarilly from the US Federal Union in the begining.
They made only two  promises, both of which they kept.  They took Russia out of the First World War and they instituted land reforms.
Understand that they never mentioned how either would take place in the begining, but the majority of people saw them as an actual improvement.  It was only after they had consolidated power, including the near liquidation of the Menshivik faction (which was far more rabidly Marxist that the Bolsheviks) that they showed their true colors.  By that time it was too late and a full blown Civil War was in progress with Monarchists and former followers of Kerenski on one side and the Bolsheviks on the other.  Once again it was funding and organization that allowed them to win and not popular support.
Once they had won and consolidated their power they used the lessons learned by the US Federal Union to ‘Reconstruct’ Russia on a far more brutal and murderous scale.
That is one of the primary reasons that most  Russians today, in a post-communist society, have a strong sense of identity with our Confederacy and it’s plight. They are perfectly aware that what happened to the Confederacy was the first victory and the first experiment in what eventually happened to them begining only 52 years later.