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Many today oppose the flying of the Confederate Battle Flag. I cannot help but to believe that some, not many, but some of these folks would think differently if they could somehow understand what we Southerners feel about our ancestors, as this flag to us is our ancestors in so many ways. I am not intending to discuss the origination or all the various versions, types and shapes of all the various flags that the citizens and leaders accepted as  ” Confederate Flags ” back during the 1861-1865 period as I am certain that those of you reading this know which flag I speak of.

To me and to many others the flag is a tangible object that we can see, and when we do see it, it brings many thoughts I know to me, thoughts of the faces of the soldiers and sailors as they left their mothers and fathers as young boys and men, to go away not knowing what lie ahead for them. I think of the children left behind as the breadwinner, the protector, the father, who left his family to do his heartfelt duty,  for his family and his neighbors and his state, as he was aware of the invading army’s plans to kill and destroy them and their lands and homes. Newspapers had for a long time printed stories of the coming war, and they incited and fanned the flames through the nation as much as the loudest politicians of the time did, so everyone knew what was being said, and their was much fear, and people were very unsettled as they waited to see what might happen.

Yes, the Confederate battle flag brings all these thoughts and feelings to me and much more, the thoughts of what these men had to endure during those hard summer marches, the dust, the mud, the thirst, the hunger, the aches and pains, the wind, rain, snow and cold, and much discomfort in living outside in the elements, and the knowledge of a possible life ending disease or battle wound. Many men became sick on and off during their time in the war, dysentery, mumps, measles, and various other disease as they went through woods, creeks, swamps and drink insect infested dirty water, ate unpleasant food or many days had no food at all, with little available means to keep themselves clean. No man escaped seeing the dead and wounded friends, it had to be  a horrific horror, and I cannot possibly write a statement that gives a picture as accurate as it needs to be concerning this, oh what these men had to see and endure. Yes, this was a terrible existence, not like the Hollywood scenes, it must have been hell on earth.

Yes that beautiful Confederate flag brings me both sadness and smiles, the things i stated earlier about the suffering, the dead and their suffering for such a war that should never have been forced on the South all makes me very sad, and when I also think of humor such as what I think some of my ancestors would say to me if they were here and knew how their history and their sacrifices were viewed by many today, and I think some of them would say something that I would take as funny, knowing the humurious ways of many of my people, yes it makes me smile that I have never met my 10 or more Confederate ancestors, but am sure that if I could see them and talk with them they would likely kidd me on some of my concerns about how they have been vilified, and disrespected for doing what any honorable decent and brave man would have done, to offer their life to defend family and friends, their state, their kin and neighbors as most men did. Today’s America, with so many college trained writers who spent several years under the brainwashing of liberal teachers and professors who have sharpened their skills at distortion, deception, lying, and twisting and politicizing the events, causes and related incidents that comprised the war. These liberals, who as you or I, can only read the letters, books, the writings from the participants, or the families and witnesses to learn of this war and all the participants and events, so they have no special window into this war that is not also available to you and to me. They have the same information, the very same information any one of us can obtain, but when they walk away and write or teach they present a totally different version. They do not err, they deliberately and knowingly distort so as to make certain idols of theirs look better and more noble than they were, and I am speaking only about the many liberal political correct writers and so called historians that are here today and those that have passed through with their writings and books and teachings they knew were dishonest and wrong, I have said, and I am sure it has been written by someone with much more knowledge than I, that for a person to learn the truth about these war events, causes, reasons various   and the history of what things occurred, is to review many documents  by various people. Do not depend on one single story, or one single book unless it is a first person document that has been witnessed and is generally accepted by most persons with standing, but never read a book and depend on the writers total accuracy, compare it to other documents, and you generally can get a very close and accurate picture of what actually was said, or done and when and by whom.

The Confederate Battle flag never has ever been to me a thing to use in disagreement to some civil rights issue, or some football game or other such event, including a NASCAR race, it has nothing to do with car racing, it has everything to do with family bonds, and love of these family ties and nothing to do with politics..

It has to do with honor and respect, not disrespect of the North, or disrespect of the U.S. Government today, I have like many others served this nation and offered my body and soul for the defense of what the U.S Flag stands for, and I love the U.S. flag, and I love the Confederate battle flag as well.  I love them, AND I DO NOT WANT ANYONE DEFACING, OR REMOVING EITHER ONE OF THESE FLAGS FOR THEIR POLITICAL LIKE OR DISLIKES WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

I am sure if I spent more time I could add various other meanings of my love for these flags, the blood spilled into the earth as the men and women did their duty and suffered for me, and you. Yes, they are only symbols, but try and get a mental grip on what important symbols these two flags are to me, and to many of you I hope, and if you do, then you will understand that this symbol made of cotton, or nylon, is more than just a piece of cloth up on a flagpole. I love both of these flags, and I repeat, I do not want to see either of them used as a means to get back at some other group or such. Many blacks AND SOME WHITE LIBERALS incorrectly attach racism and slavery to the Confederate flag, and support and praise the U.S. flag. Why is that, The U.S. FLAG FLEW FOR 84 YEARS OVER  A NATION THAT ALLOWED SLAVERY, THE CONFEDERATE FLAG FLEW FOR 4 YEARS OVER THE CONFEDERATE STATES AND IT WAS NOT FOR SLAVERY, SO WHY HATE THIS FLAG, LOGICALLY  YOU WOULD THINK THE HATERS WOULD HATE THEM BOTH OR HATE NEITHER ONE, and I suggest hating neither one. Slavery started in Egypt 6000 years ago, and it was a different time with different  people, customs, and norms, and you cannot use 2014 standards and thinking to even understand 1861 times, it was different in so many ways.

I am today simply saying, the Confederate flag is important to me and to many thousands, and I am asking those of you who cannot understand why many people will drive 50 to 100 miles each way, weekly to stand on a hot sidewalk 6 hours just to respectfully protest a place that has unfairly, and without justification removed such flags from various appropriate and legal places, for nothing but spiteful, political reasons and nothing more. These actions are wrong, and cause unrest, anger and oppose friendliness and respect to all who love and honor these flags.  Yes, these people who protest the flags removals,  love what this flag stands for, and we are not wrong because we feel this way.  I feel certain to a person, that like myself, we who love the Confederate flag, also love the U.S. Flag, and we would never wish to have the U.S. flag removed from those places it now fly’s, we would never suggest removing existing U.S. monuments or memorials, or U.S. flags, and ask that you who oppose the Confederate flag, show us the same respect that we demonstrate to you, please respect and give and observe decency to us and our memorials and flags, stop the lies, and the misinformation that is being blogged, stop the fabrications and denials of the facts when they occur, stop the attacks on those of us who want our flags back in their proper place, just be fair, honest, and decent, tell only what is true,nothing more is asked of you.

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