What Price has Shame
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
To: cityhall@oxfordalabama.org
To the political powers that be within the City of Oxford
As a former resident of the great state of Alabama, and more importantly I believe in this situation as a Kaw/Osage American Indian, I am appalled by the ongoing actions of the city of Oxford in desecrating an American Indian mound, all for the sake of the all mighty Sam’s Club dollar.
At age 59 I have spent near 2/3 my lifetime as an activist against such desecrations throughout the United States, Canada, and as far South as Guatemala and Honduras.
In a time when America is supposedly striving to set a good example to the rest of the world, I can not help but wonder what kind of an example is the City of Oxford displaying, by turning a piece of ancient history into fill dirt?
I would ask that you reconsider your position and in the name of all things Holy stop this desecration.
You might not realize it , not only are Native American Indian communities watching your actions, but, the entire world as well.  Celebrate the history of your area, capitalize upon it if need be, but, certainly don’t destroy it.
With very reserved regards,
T Warren Kaw/ Osage
Founder and Executive Director SAGE
Society Against Grave Exploitation