Whale Wars

From: rod@alaskarods.com

Good morning Brother Charles,

I am an Arkansas born and raised Southerner that now lives in Southern Alaska. I have been reading you emails for a long time but don’t always get the chance to read them all.  I was wondering if other reader has brought up the fact that our flags are shown on the walls of the Sea Shepard Ship on the Animal Planet show Whale Wars".  They have at least four flag stickers showing our Confederate Flags located on the bridge of one of their ships.  When I checked the internet I found many people that were mad about them having our flags on their ship but I take pride in seeing the tradition of fighting whaling carried on. The Shenandoah, almost single handed, stopped the yankee whaling in this part of the world.

I am not an activist for all of Al Gore’s garbage but having lived here around whales for the past 9 years, I see them differently then people that have not encountered these great and peaceful creatures.

So I guess I am just wanting to make others aware of their Confederate Flag display and to show my support for them.  I also want to thank you for your efforts to keep our history alive and proud. I own a small store here in Haines, Alaska and as I write this I am wearing my Dixie Outfitters "Old Legends" t-shirt and have my Battle Flag and 1st National flags flying proudly in the store (along with my Razorback flag).

Thanks and have a blessed day.

Rodney Hinson
Alaska Rod’s
Haines,  Alaska