An Open Report / A Weekend in the Black Community

From: HK Edgerton

[] Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008

On Friday morning I would lament about not hearing from the Sons of the Murfreesboro Camp on an invitation to attend the Uncle Dave Macon Day event they had extended an invitation for me to attend. However, the prophetic words of my mom would ring clear before this weekend would draw to a close; God knows best son. I had also been extended an invitation to play in a golf tournament by one of the local Black ministers, Rev. Johnson. Donned in my best Dixie Outfitter golf attire, I would not only play but win the tournament, and receive a most gracious introduction from the pastor to all who would attend about me and my work . I was humbled by the reception that I received.

Later that afternoon, at the request of one of the foremost leaders within the black community, the owner of Do Drop In Barber Shop, Mr. Joyce ,who is fondly referred to as Mr. Smooth; I would attend a street festival held in the Historic Black District in the City of Asheville. Mr. Smooth would introduce me to a host of young Black entrepreneurs and musicians who apparently had just moved to the area. To my surprise they would shower me with praise for my work in the Confederate movement, especially for acknowledgement of the true role of not only the Black Confederate soldier, but of the honorable role that the Southern African played before, during, and after that war. I would even be approached by some members of the local Chapter of the NAACP that I had once chaired. They would exclaim that they missed my leadership and wished that I would return, and several echoed that I could even bring my flag with me and that they would personally place it anywhere that I wanted it.

On Sunday morning, July 13th, 2008, I would attend at the invitation of Pastor and Army Reserve Chaplain Captain Hardaway, Rock Hill Baptist Church. Rock Hill is one of the oldest black Churches in the city, established in 1898. I would be humbled by Pastor Hardaway as I stood beside him at the altar listening to the praise he would heap upon me because of my convictions and stand for the Southland of America and even more so humble I would become as he prayed to God to grant to me safety, wisdom and success in my endeavors.

Pastor Hardaway has taken on the task of combating gang activity in the city and I too dearly wish him success in the program that he has recently instituted , and hope that the city and its leaders would follow the suit of the county leaders with help in funding his monumental task.

It was a great weekend in Dixie!

HK Edgerton