Battle over battle flag is getting wearisome

I am really getting tired of reading letters to the editor and editorials/columns about the Confederate flag and whether or not it is a symbol of pride or prejudice. Get over it already!

Do any of us really think history can be erased or rewritten simply because we banish something? Will individual opinions really make any difference to others? Can one person change another person’s opinion and feelings simply by force or seeing who can shout loudest or longest? Isn’t that what happened in the Civil War?

So here’s my opinion: Get a soapbox and start addressing some real issues of this day and time. The Civil War and all its "symbols" are history. History is what makes us what we are. Learn from it and stop trying to erase it!

If you want to fly the Confederate flag, do so proudly. If you don’t want to see the Confederate flag being flown, don’t look. It’s a free country … for now.



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