Appropriate Weapons for Exterminating Your Enemies
“It has become my solemn duty to inform the authorities and citizens of Charleston and Savannah, that the movements of the enemy’s fleet indicate an early land and naval attack on one or both cities, and to urge that persons unable to take active part in the struggle should retire.
Carolinians and Georgians! The hour is at hand to prove your country’s cause. Let all able-bodied men, from the seaboard to the mountains, rush to arms. Be not too exacting in the choice of weapons. Pikes and scythes will do for exterminating your enemies, spades and shovels for protecting your firesides. To arms, fellow citizens! Come share with us our danger, our brilliant success, our glorious death.”
(Joseph Hergesheimer, Beauregard’s speech as quoted in Swords and Roses, (Knopf), source: Madame Castel’s Lodger, Francis Parkinson Keyes, Farar & Straus, 1962, page 429)