From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Tue, Apr 10, 2012
Subject: FW: WE NEED YOUR HELP- …..Article- So where did our troubles begin? Part two.
To: "copperhead102@juno. com" <>, Kevin Carroll <>

Dear Brethren (nearing 1-thousand bcc herein- permission to forward),

We sincerely HOPE that the information we have provided you with over the years has been helpful, informative and illuminating for you.

We are living in troubled & threatening times and sadly, much has been realized and caused by an over-reaching and out of control Central Government that has sponsored and used many vehicles to deliver this condition upon an un-suspecting electorate over many, many generations.

As such, our Identity as a People and a Country has been compromised and our History lost and plagiarized to satisfy a Political Ideology that long ago, in its infancy, visited our shores.

The Confederate Society of America has provided you, for nearly 20 years, invaluable information requiring many long hours of research and coordination in order to keep the ‘home-fires’ burning so you would NOT forget who and what we once were.

This despite numerous dis-advantages we were confronted with and an Army of Special Interests who have always sought our SILENCE.

Over the years we have been called many names to satisfy the position of these Creighton’s and Malcontents but we persevered against immeasurable odds and always carrying our Flag most high despite an ‘army’ several thousand times our size.

The Society, in order to sustain itself and continue this work, has always relied ENTIRELY upon Membership and the dues realized from that membership.

It’s Officers and Board do NOT take salary and have manned the Battlements as Confederate Volunteers over this time putting in long hours and many years.

Unfortunately & although MANY have sent us e-mails attesting to that which we do & desiring more, Membership has dwindled.

Therefore, and unless that changes, ($20.00 annually and unchanged since 1992), WE WILL CEASE TO EXIST & BE FORCED TO SHUT DOWN OPERATIONS.


Our costs continue to Mount and although Many have informed me, as mentioned, they have learned much & appreciate our efforts, Many have Not, unfortunately, applied for Membership.

Unless YOU decide to become a Member of this Confederate Society, it won’t be long before we will be forced to ‘FOLD OUR TENT’.

Those who have labored long to eradicate YOUR COUNTRY & RIGHTS from YOU are, as predicted, now most close in ‘knocking’ at your doorsteps.

They realize their day is close and will close their black chapter of deceit & deliver the final death knell to this Country if they are NOT opposed.

The many Special Interest have RIPPED THE HEART OUT OF THIS COUNTRY but there is STILL FIGHT left in her providing YOU RISE TO THE OCCASION.

We have repeatedly warned one and all of a coming Transition that would result in Chaos & Holocaust.

The Radicalism of Obama and his many minions can NO longer be denied or excused.

His penchant for this nation’s demise is Real as evident by what he has done to it.

Just look at his many appointments and their lack of duty to the offices they hold.

It is NOT YOUR imagination and sticking your head in a hole and pretending this can’t be or NOT possible is NOT going to correct matters or make them right.

America, as stated, was long ago primed for this time and once the Second American Revolution failed with respect to the Legal Secession of the Sovereign Southern States and their Confederacy, it was an unbridled run to the ‘end-zone’ for these Zealots and Haters of this Republic.

The article herein was written by the Society’s Secretary-Treasurer, Chaplain and noted author, Mr. Al Benson.

We invite you to read it.

It is Free.

However, our Financial Resources grow WEAKER and we are very close to being NO more.

Our fate is in YOUR Confederate hands and Membership will guarantee our ability to continue the FIGHT and RIGHT of our Freedom’s, Rights & Privileges.

We are Confederates and have NEVER waffled or waivered in that position and if this is to be the end, then let it be said:

We Fought to the Bitter End!

(please send in your request for membership along with your check for $20.00 to: Mr. Al Benson, Secretary-Treasurer, Confederate Society of America, PO Box 55, Sterlington, Louisiana 71280- Confederate States of America and please don’t forget to include your name and address.

ALL for One and One for ALL- May God Help Us ALL Now.

Proud & Unashamed,

We Remain That Which We Always Were,

Confederates All,

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America

….we would like to do more, but that is now up to YOU.


From: Kevin Carroll []
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Cc: ‘Craig Maus’;
Subject: RE: So whefe did our troubles begin? Part two


I read an editorial today from EJ Dionne of the NY Times,  a real left wing socialist who was railing on about something that I cannot even  remember, and he referred to the time just after the Civil War as the “Gilded  Age”.

That is the perspective of these left wings loons that the rape and pillage of the South during reconstruction was a “Gilded Age”….

We now see how they, the socialists, wish to steal another election this fall as they have done so for 150+ years. It all started when they took our Senators away from us at the States and made them no different to Congressmen.

They impose a Godless society through Public Education insisting on more public funding never acknowledging the trillions they have thrown down that rat hole. The successful education  of our children is not their objective as we all know, it is the youthful indoctrination of these impressionable minds into a warped theology that the benevolent government will always be there for you to pick you up when you fall, to wipe your behind when you soil it, to lend you a hand when you need one. The worst part about all of this is that it works. That’s why a  typical high school grad has no relationship with Christ, cannot name the Federal Reserve Chairman or Treasury Secretary but are knowledge in popular culture and mindless trivia of  that culture to worship these false idols. Their indoctrination also ensures a rich and vast voting majority for the socialist Marxists who continue to advance their agenda on America slowly creeping forward in their irresistible grasp for total power and control.



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