We lost one of the best
From: tandpam@frontier.com
I can only imagine how heavy your heart is today with Pop Tommy’s passing. I know how empty my family feels at learning the news.
I believe PoP fought every fight in his life with the utmost of dedication, and his contributions to the Cause are near infinite.
I know you knew him years before I did, in fact it was you who introduced us via cyber space. Like yourself, PoP always encouraged my writings and my music as well. Countless is the number of times he kept my family in his prayers, we were truly blessed to receive so many communications, be they emails or on the phone from Tommy.
It was one of the best times in my life when he and his son showed up at one of my performances in Ellijay GA. I compare it to the day I finally met you in Potts Camp MS the first time.
Those were great days and times when the legions of Southron supporters seemed endless. The enemy may take our symbols, but, they can never take our memories of the good times, nor can they say we didn’t fight every fight with honour and fortitude.
Thanks Chuck for all you have done for the Cause, I wish I had told PoP Tommy that "one more time". Heaven got a great Confederate with PoP, it also got one of the finest human beings I ever had the honour and privilege to meet.  I am sure there are many here on SHNV that share my opinion of PoP Tommy.
With utmost respect to PoP’s memory and love and prayers to his family, from behind enemy lines in illannoy,
T Warren