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This report pertains to the criminal court last Thursday – 14 March 2013 – Rose Sanders had filed harassment charges against Todd Kiscaden, our project engineer, & had him arrested within four days. I have been trying to have Rose arrested on theft charges since last Sept and still NOTHING!!! But I am still working on it…will probably have to seek the aid of the Ala AG…as Chief Dan George said in Josey Wales, "I will persevere"!!! By the way, Rose brought one of my wreaths into the courtroom …would ya believe that!!! STOLEN PROPERTY in the courtroom where the owner of the property is sitting!!! I said out loud, "that’s my wreath" right in front of the magistrate that sat on my case when I have been trying to get Rose arrested! She passed it on to the prosecuting attorney, Ed Green, who sat on it for months as well! I have retrieved all my evidence and will continue to pursue having Rose arrested! She even read the epitaph th at I had attached to the wreaths while they were at the NBF monument in Confederate Circle! Imagine that!

The federal trial where Todd has filed a $300,000 against the City of Selma and $75,000 against the Chief of Police, William Riley is slated about Nov 2013. We need your support! Any & all donations will be greatly appreciated! Please continue to pray for us! We have the high ground and we will WIN!

Thank you all for your continued and faithful support of our efforts here in Selma to honor General Forrest and preserve our precious Confederate /Southern Heritage!

If you would like to contribute to our cause, please send contributions made payable to: NBF Monument Fund/ Confederate Memorial Circle and mark the check "For Security & Beautification Enhance Project or NBF Defense Fund & mail to: Patricia S. Godwin, FORT DIXIE, 10800 Co. Rd. 30, Selma, Alabama 36701

Confederately yours,

Pat Godwin
Zimbabwe on de Alabamy

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VICTORY… 3-19-13

On Friday, March 15, Virginia contractor Todd Kiscaden was found NOT GUILTY of the phony and frivolous assault charge filed against him by Selma’s premier hate filled racist, ROSE SANDERS. Last August, Kiscaden, who had a legitimate contract with the United Daughters of the Confederacy to make enhancements to Confederate Circle, and his employees from Virginia were going about their work in Live Oak Cemetery when a screaming and ranting ROSE came on the construction site and stood under a boom. At this point, Kiscaden and his men did not know and had never heard of Rose Sanders and were completely shocked that any sane person would enter a construction site, without a hard hat, stand under a boom, and begin yelling insults at people she had never met. Only later did they find out that this strange person was Selma’s own racial agitator, Rosie Sanders.

Even before she entered the construction area and before anyone ever touch her, Rose was yelling that she was going to get warrants against Kiscaden and his men. Not knowing who she was, but knowing that she was in imminent danger on the site and under the boom, Kiscaden gentile took Rose by the arm and walked her out of the danger zone. She subsequently signed a warrant against Kiscaden and had him arrested on the trumped up charge of assault.

AS AN ASIDE BUT FOR THE PUBLIC’S INFORMATION, although the Selma Police Department has TEN THOUSAND OUTSTANDING WARRANTS (YES, 10,000) dating back ten years WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN SERVED, THE SPD was able to serve Rosie’s warrant IN ONLY 4 DAYS and arrest Kiscaden.

AS A FURTHER ASIDE, ROSE SANDERS HAS STOLEN 5 WREATHS off of Confederate Circle. These thefts have been witnessed by a po lice officer and videotaped. Rose even carried one of the wreaths into the office of Mayor George Evans and had one of them in City Court last Thursday, BUT THE CITY PROSECUTORS AND CITY MAGISTRATES HAVE STEADFASTLY REFUSED TO ISSUE A WARRANT FOR ROSE’S ARREST ON THEFT CHARGES, despite the repeated efforts of the owner of the wreaths to sign warrants!

After numerous delays and untold expense to Kiscaden, who had to come from Virginia with his employees only to be told the trail had been delayed again and again, the case went to trial last Thursday. City Prosecutor Ed Greene, who was supposed to prosecute the case against Kiscaden, was not present when the trial began. WE WANT TO KNOW IF MAYOR EVANS APPOINTED HANK AND ROSE SANDERS TO BE PROSECUTORS because they took over the prosecution. Due to Rose’s hysterics and rants, the trial lasted some 6 hours before acting City Judge Vaughan Russell.

On Friday morning, Judge Russell issued his NOT GUILTY VERDICT. The most ironic fact about the trial and verdict was that it was largely the result of a video made by Rose herself and presented at trial. In his order, Judge Russell wrote:

“When the video was viewed once more by me and by the issuing magistrate, we could clearly hear the substantial noise from the site and could track Ms. Toure’s walking into the heart of the zone of danger and under the overhead boom that was in operation. She had on no “hardhat” and except for grace and good fortune could have been seriously hurt or killed. We could also and for the first time clearly hear Ms. Toure say that she would be getting a warrant against the defendants before any touching (offensive or otherwise) occurred. Though this verdict of “not guilty” could have been my judgment in any event, it was clear after my review of this exhibit using a system with better sound quality than the laptop used at trial that the defendant was in fact “not guilty”.

I have ordered the cash bond returned to the defendant and have entered a mutual trespass order against Ms. Toure and Mr. Kiscaden that will govern their contract in regard to each other for the next year”

We are delighted that this first trial is over and that the Court has justly ruled against Selma’s worst example of unity, ROSE SANDERS!


How much longer are the good people of Selma, black and white, going to tolerate the hate filled antics of Rose and Hank Sanders and their hateful cohorts at HATE RADIO? In addition to her baseless charge against Kiscaden, her actions have caused Kiscaden to file a federal suit against the City of Selma for violation of his civil rights as well as for others reasons, which can be summarized as lost wages, time, reputation.

Due to the rabble rousing protests at Confederate Circle by the racist mob, 4 members of the Selma City Council (Crenshaw, Benjamin, Bowie and Atchison) on September 25, 2012, with only 6 council members present, voted to suspend the work at Confederate Circle without giving Kiscaden a hearing. Although we are not lawyers, this looks to us like a clear violation of his due process rights.

FURTHER THIS ACTION, we believe, VIOLATES THE CITY’S OWN LAW. Kiscaden was doing work which had been approved by the Selma Historic Commission and under a building permit based on the decision of the Historic Commission. BY LAW, TO BE CHALLENEGED, ANY ACTION OF THE SELMA HISTORIC COMMISSION MUST BE CHALLENEGED IN CIRCUIT COURT, NOT BEFORE THE CITY COUNCIL. However, this is not the first time that Rosie has been able to intimidate the members of the Council into taking illegal or ill advised action SUCH AS THE FIVE MEMBERS (Bowie, Benjamin, Crenshaw, Randolph and Johnson) who would not let the Soldier’s Monument (not the Forrest monument) be made handicap accessible. What do these 5 council members have against handicap people?

We understand that Kiscaden’s suit against the City-caused by Rose and the cowards on the City Council-may be heard in federal court in Mobile in September. This has the possibility of costing the taxpayers of Selma mega bucks. We urge city officials to take steps to settle this before it goes to trial.

MEANWHILE…Rose decided to harass and try to intimidate Dr. Cecil Williamson by filing a suit against him for having her removed from the council meeting after she disrupted the meeting (she accuses the police of assaulting her), of slandering her through the Angel fire Site, and other baseless charges. For good measure, she sued Pat Godwin for defaming her by calling ROSE A DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

We do not know how this suit will turn out, but we know that at least one of these charges is baseless-the charge that Dr. Williamson defames her on Angelfire. We have repeatedly said that he does NOT own or control this site and does NOT post articles on this site.

IN ONE OF THE MOST WICKED, EVIL, HATEFUL ACTS OF ROSE’S ENTIRE LIFE (AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT BECAUSE THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY), Rose amended her original suit to add Dr. Williamson’s wife, Peggy, as a defendant. The travesty of this is that in the suit, Rosie lists Peggy Williamson as President/Officer of the UDC and President/Officer of Friends of Forrest. We know Peggy real well and know that not only is she NOT the President or Officer of either of these organizations, but that she does not even be long to either of them and has never attended any of their meetings. We very much understand that Dr. Williamson is a public official and has chosen to be, so that he is open to all kinds of personal attacks, suits, vendettas, and other hateful actions by the Sanders, Fortiers, and Hate Radio, but to attack his wife and falsely accuse her is despicable and beyond the pale.

For good measure, Rose also added Kiscaden and Councilman Greg Bjelke to her frivolous suit. There really should be some legal and economic recourse against people like Rose Sanders who use the law and lawsuits to harass, intimidate and vilify her political enemies.

Fortunately, there is recourse against elected officials-at the ballot box–against people who are so afraid of Rosie and her fear tactics that they won’t even let a 135 year old monument be made accessible to the handicap!


We went to the Chili Cook Off last Thursday. It was a wonderful event with a good cross section of the community present and enjoying themselves. THAT IS WHAT SELMA COULD BE if the SANDERS, FORTIERS, AND HATE RADIO WERE NOT IN THIS TOWN…Selma has so much potential and could be a most wonderful place, but it will never be as long as these people are still here.

While poverty, illegitimacy, unemployment, and crime continue to plague us, the SANDERS continue to stir up trouble in the community. WHY? Our opinion is that the motive is money, greed and power! THEY HAVE BOUGHT UP A MULITITUDE OF PROPERTIES-MOST OF WHICH THEY LET RUN DOWN. Good people continue to move out of town because they do not have to content with the HATE they see in Selma.

THINK ON THIS: At reduced prices and no expenditures to keep up property, the SANDERS ARE ACCUMULATING a multitude of houses, lots, and buildings in the City. All it will take will be some major industrial announcement which will cause Selma to boom and the Sanders’ vast holdings will sky rocket in value. We believe that is why Rose causes so much controversy and trouble so she and her family can accumulate vast holdings of properties to enrich themselves when Selma booms…meanwhile, the rest of the community suffers from her hate filled rage AND THE MAJORITY OF THE SELMA CITY COUNCIL IS TOO COWARDLY TO STAND UP TO HER AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

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