To the editor:

This is in response to Dan Skantar of North Fayette. He suggests an alternate flag for those of us who honor Confederate flags. His suggestion is so-called "Old Glory."

Yes, true Confederates such as myself know about "Old Glory." When it was first created, it was a fine flag. It represented a Christian constitutional government – a republic of SOVEREIGN states. Unfortunately, when Mr. Wonderful – I mean Abraham Lincoln – became president and invaded the South, the US Constitution was destroyed. Oh, we still have it on a piece of paper, but how much of it hasn’t been violated? Yes, Mr. Lincoln destroyed the republic and created the Yankee Empire – an empire of states subservient to the federal government. We have a Union at the point of a bayonet. Is that liberty?

Let me tell you more about "Old Glory":

It flew over many slave ships; no Confederate flag ever did.

It flew over the raping of the South during the so-called Civil War and for years afterward during that which is euphemistically referred to as Reconstruction. It flew over destruction and murder of Southerners – men, women, and children – by such terrorists as General Sherman and his horde. It flew over the abuse and torture of Confederate prisoners of war.

It flew over the attempted genocide of American Indians, including women and children.

It flew over and still is flying over the murder of unborn babies – 44 MILLION since abortion became legal.

Hitler and his band of Nazis, monsters that needed destroying, don’t have such a track record of atrocities as those under "Old Glory."

By the way, no Confederate flag ever represented slavery and bigotry except by those who misuse it or misrepresent it. Confederate flags stand for Christian constitutional government, resistance to tyranny, and Southern heritage, NOT hate. Many non-whites willingly fought for the Confederacy.

If "Old Glory" is so noble and righteous, why did the US wait till EIGHT MONTHS AFTER the so-called Civil War to make slavery unconstitutional? Slavery was being phased out in the South and would have been eliminated in short order, as it should be.

No, we who are true Confederates are perfectly happy with our choice of flag, and if that makes us "rednecks," thanks for the compliment. I’m proud to say that my Confederate Third National flag is waving from my front porch this very minute.

Rodney Combs
Noble, Oklahoma

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