Part 1) by J. A. Davis

"The principal for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form." —Jefferson Davis

"Though written constitutions may be violated in moments of passion or delusion, yet they furnish a text to which those who are watchful may again rally and recall the people. They fix, too, for the people the principles of their political creed." —Thomas Jefferson

Many years ago while serving the world Jaycees as vice President, my eyes began to open about some developments I had never thought about.

Junior Chamber International had an observer status at the United Nations. It was then a pretty young organization and unbeknownst to me and most of the rest of the world, some strange seeds were being planted.

It is no secret that many of the nations in the UN had designs to weaken or captivate the American Republic. Many of these nations were either Communist or Marxist. Others didn’t like us for various reasons, starting with the freedoms we enjoy and the fruit of their harvest.

It was troubling then and much more troubling now as we see a commonality of philosophy toward breaking the sovereignty of nations and creating a one world government with transparent borders and an international acceptance of a whole new system of law known as the Communitarian Law. Break the word down and you have a pretty good idea of the purpose it pursues.

What it really means is community law. Sleeping Americans don’t know it, but it is taking hold in the United States every day.

If you will take time to notice every week we hear of new laws designed to benefit the classes by depriving the masses of their constitutional rights in such areas as the government taking land for private use, laws developed to supposedly improve the community by depriving business owners the right to operate a lawfully correct business, unless under government restrictions. We see cities and counties removing, altering or completely changing historic landmarks for what community law says is to protect select classes who could be offended.

The City of Augusta is using a version of Communitarian law when their primary defense in the upcoming case filed against them by the Georgia Heritage Council et al is as follows:

Former Mayor Young: "I directed the flags be taken down as an appropriate measure to avoid a polarizing and protracted dialogue and misinterpretation of the flags."
Where oh where have we gotten when a mayor admits he did it, but Commutarian law trumps Georgia common law because of "polarzing and protracted dialogue and misinterpretation?" He also acknowledges he removed the flags at the request of the NAACP. A good example of classes over equal justice and balanced representation for all.

Young was well rewarded by George Bush who appointed him to be Regional Director of HUD. It’s about the same as Lincoln promoting the commander of the most atrocious prison in history, Camp Douglas, to general.

Recently I came across some updated information on Communitarianism by Nikki Raapana. While I don’t quote her directly, I do appreciate her jogging my memory as well as some updates on what is happening to pass it on to liberty loving Americans.

Consider the Communitarian Courts of Justice operating in Europe and how little by little (Gramschi’s gradualism) their philosophy is entering our courts. Look at Supreme Court decisions based on Communitarian Courts in Europe.

You should know that practically every American college and university is teaching Communtarian law. Yes, your tax dollars are going to train the judiciary of the state and nation a new system of law designed to dissolve or modify private interests and turn it all into a monopolistic plan of global commerce to supposedly benefit the classes but really benefit the elite. I will later do a summary of The World Economic Forum (WEF) which has just met in Davos, Switzerland. It’s scary.

Rugged individualism and the initiative of the individual gives way to one-size-fits-all and all get their hand in the pot with benefits guaranteed by the working and genious of the individuals whose rewards are shared by all. It’s here. It will get worse. More libery lost.

Privacy protection is out the window as law enforcement is beginning to follow the examples of Europe. Following recent news is all you need for corroboration. Think of The Bill of Rights and count the Amendments being ignored or changed by some strange foreign-like judicial ruling.

Follow closely the community law being applied by the Bush administration when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants in the U. S. It is covered by a Guest Worker Program which is nothing more than a thumb in the eye of the Constitution and a welcome mat for the legalization of millions more illegal people to gain from the common benefits provided by others. Communitarian law.

No wonder President Bush stated on national television "The Constitution is a living document."

No wonder Governor Perdue calls those of us who believe the law should be followed, hypocrites. No wonder the Republican leadership pulled an immigration bill sure to pass which denies college tuition benefits to illegal immigrants. It’s called party over principle. Some of the sponsors of the bill weren’t even notified their bill was being trashed. Community law? Who gave the orders to pull the bill?

Liberty Lost. More and more at every turn. Your community is becoming part of a world wide order known as Communitarian law. Your elected representatives regardless of party, are willingly going along with selling your birthright to a totalitarian system of government for nothing more than their pepetuation in power granted by the party commissars, a name that hasn’t been, but should be more appropriately applied.

Much of my professional career was in radio. television and television and motion picture films. In that regard, I came in contact with many notable folks, some truly talented ones. One such person was a fellow whose name was Paddy Chayefsky. I first met Paddy when he was office boy and gopher for our executive offices in New York. If anyone really knew Paddy they would know he was a hippie from Greenwich Village.

Paddy wrote interesting lampoons on real life, like Marty, The Hospital, The Catered Affair, and Network. He won three Academy Awards. In Network (1976) he had a famous line:

"I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more."
How about you? Are you ready to say enough is enough? Give us back our liberty. Take this Communitarian stuff with you as you depart public office because we aren’t going to take it any more.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Liberty Lost.

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