We Can’t Say We Were Never Warned – – –

From: carriet@verizon.net

See, I Told You So ……John Taylor

American political philosopher and senator from Virginia, John Taylor of Caroline (1753-1824), made this prophesy in the early 1820’s:

"I believe that a loss of independent internal power by our confederated States, and an acquisition of supreme power by the Federal department, or by any branch of it, will substantially establish a consolidated republic over all the territories of the United States, though a Federal phraseology might still remain; that this consolidation would introduce a monarchy; and that the monarchy, however limited, checked, or balanced, would finally become a complete tyranny."

Give it some thought. Would you agree or disagree with Senator Taylor’s prediction of the fate of these united States and ultimately what we have today and actually since 1861, when Lincoln CREATED a new Union under a powerful ruling force called the "US Federal Government"? A Union just the opposite of what our Founders established.

Carrie Taranova