We Are Lee’s Last Boys
From: cscitizen@windstream.net
After many years of being involved in the Southern Movement in some form or fashion since I was 10 years old it has slowly but surely, through the years, dawned on me that each of us are probably the last of the thin, gray line. It seems every year our ranks shrink due to one reason or another.
I`m not just talking about SCV, UDC or OCR members either or about men & women raised just in the South, even though many of us were. I`m talking about all those individuals who started reading all the information available about that time in history & made a conscience choice at some point in their life to become a Confederate, a true believer in our cause for independence & freedom. I see many today who were geographically born & raised among us who feel nothing, know nothing & don`t care anything about the South. To them its just another place on the map.
They know nothing of our history, heritage & culture. The majority of Southerners who do know don`t have enough pride left in them to care about their homes & their own or even if they have a future. Were it not for a few of us in the South & in other parts of the US and world who made a conscience choice to be " Rebels " we would have already been forgotten & our history presented in such a revised light I doubt Jefferson Davis & Robert E. Lee would recognize it. So don`t ever think that your small part in this continuing struggle does not matter or, " oh, what’s the use in trying."
In 1864 Lee`s troops in the trench`s around Richmond were spaced apart far enough that an 18 wheeler could be placed end to end between them. Those weak in their belief in the cause of Southern Independence had long since been gone & only the true believers remained.
My first encounter with the Confederacy & understanding of who we are came when I was 10 years old & in the 4th grade & read my first Alabama history book. I bet they don`t say the same things in those books today & its a shame & injustice.
From that point on in my life, on the rare occasion our family was financially able to take a vacation to Alabama`s gulf coast, I had to visit Ft. Morgan ( before the state ran it as a state historical park ) and had to have a Confederate Battleflag on one of those wooden sticks from the souvenir shop at the beach.
At school myself & my liked minded friends would pour over every book in the school library that had anything to do with the " civil war," the more color pictures of battle they had in them, the better. We dreamed of being Confederate soldiers.
During the summer months when we would go swimming or camping our thoughts & conversation always turned to those dreams with long & deep thoughts on the subject. It was the main reasons I felt compelled to give some military service to this country when I turned 18 years of age.
We saw ourselves as the defenders of right & the protectors of the home folks, windows, orphans & the keepers of the original constitution of America`s founding fathers. What happened to that South or those Southerners….or Americans for that matter ?
We were & are unabashedly proud & unashamed of who we were & are & make no apologies for it. We don`t owe any apologies but, are owed many. I for one, remain what I was & am. Even if I become the last one left in Marse Lee`s modern-day force. I hope you feel the same way.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama