Published 08/28/2009

We Want The Same Thing

By Darrel Mulloy

There’s a controversy brewing in Texas. It is a controversy over secession or what some are calling nullification. Some see only secession as the end to government intrusion in our lives while others more hopefully believe that the union should remain intact and that the tenth amendment can be used to force the federal government to revert back to its rightful role. Both are probably right, but for different reasons.

If one were to read the Constitution for the first time; coming here from another planet; he would probably ask why we stopped using that document. Those of us who have lived on this planet and in this nation for all or most of our lives have not seen the gradual erosion of the Constitution. In my seventy plus years on this earth, I have watched as individual freedom was chipped away little by little, and it started before I was born. There is no one alive today who can say they have lived under a truly constitutional government, even though we have not noticed how it was being changed.

Today we are witness to the fastest torturing of our Constitution that has ever taken place. While some of the previous changes have been gradual, what we are witnessing now is anything but subtle.

Glenn Beck expressed his concern in a conversation on air with Rush Limbaugh, and here is a quote from that conversation:

"I fear this government, this administration has so much framework already prepared, that they will seize power overnight before anybody even gives it a second thought,"


I mentioned above that I thought both those wanting secession and those only wanting nullification were right. How can they both be right? Those seeking to enforce the tenth amendment are right in believing that if they had the right to tell Washington to stop all legislation that is unconstitutional, or to not recognize such legislation within the state, that all would be good. But would it? If Washington is not recognizing the rest of the Constitution, why are we to believe that they would recognize the tenth amendment and not find some way to circumvent it? Nullification, or invoking the tenth amendment is a commendable goal, but not a very realistic one.

While the nullification path might work for a limited time, until Washington DC finds a way around it, secession is a permanent solution to the problems faced by all of the states. Nullification would not end the power problem that we now have with the centralized government. Secession would. If each individual state recognized that they have an unwritten right in the Constitution to declare independence, the powers in Washington DC would stop and each state would once again be the decider of its own destiny. Existing trade between individual states would not change, and neither would or should the freedom to travel from one state to another. The only thing that would change is that the power would now be back in the hands of the individual states and the people of those states.

It is going to take the total destruction of the government now in Washington DC before America can form once again. We used to be the most creative, most productive people in the world, and we can be once again, without government intrusion. Nullification might allow that to happen; secession certainly would.

I’ve said it before and I say it once again. I don’t believe Time is on our side. Each day it becomes more apparent that what we are doing here in Texas needs to be accelerated before it is halted by a totalitarian administration that is bent on total and absolute power. What happens in Austin this weekend is of utmost importance, and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is.

Anyone who can be there should be there to give support to freedom and independence. A strong show of support for our movement will go a long way with the politicians who will be making the decision as to whether we will be allowed the right to vote for secession and to whether there is a measure passed forcing the state to adhere to the tenth amendment and tell Washington that we will no longer tolerate their unconstitutional intrusions in our lives.

While secession is the ultimate goal, we must first back the move to get a measure such as HCR50 passed to allow the state to tell Washington to stop. If that fails, I think most of Texas will agree that seeking our own independence is the only alternative.

I wish I could be with you this Saturday, and I hope there are at least 100,000 or more of you there to voice my concerns to those who will be there and plan to run to represent us next year.

God bless Texas, and may He be there with you in Austin.

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