WBTS Only About Slavery
From: athyriot@hotmail.com
Here’s something to think about:
If the WBTS were only about slavery, then:
WWII was only about saving the Jews. (Japan was not imprisoning Jews.)
WWI was only about saving Serbia. (Other countries in the Baltic were involved.)
Franco-Prussian War was only about saving Alsace-Lorraine. (The border between what is now Germany and what is now France has always been a problem ever since Charlemagne died.)
Mexican War was only about saving the Alamo. (Santa Anna invited the Texicans in favorably, then became dictatorial. The Alamo was a minor part; the capture of Mexico City was not.)
War of 1812 was only about saving Canada. (That’s the British position, especially after they sacked Washington City. They were afraid the French of all people would eventually get Canada. This war was mainly a European war.)
You get the picture. An issue that was merely part of the war in 20-20 hindsight is taken and made the sole cause of the war.
Could that possibly be happening in the Sesquicentennial?!? Nah, no way. Only hack writers and buffoons would do that, and Clios are not handed out for that.
Confederate Author