Mullah Young of Augusta wasting tax payers money to pander to SC NAACP – shame!

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Mullah Young, the elected Republican mayor of Augusta openly violated Georgia law last year to pander to he wishes of the South Carolina NAACP. With even the benefit of holding a public discussion, he took it upon himself to remove the Flags from two historical memorials on Riverwalk. When confronted about the obvious violation of Georgia law, his response was a flippant, "Well, sue!"

Of course the Augusta Chamber and business community supported Mullah Young, but now the tax payers of Augusta will have to pay the price., just as the citizens are having to dip into their wallets to fund the enforcement of Georgia law.

This is not good government.

It is government controlled by special interests, and in this case Mullah Young has placed special interests above his duty to enforce the law and the citizens he was elected to represent.

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Augusta Riverwalk Litigation Imminent, by J. A. Davis

Shortly you will be learning of the news regarding litigation with the Georgia Heritage Council as plaintiff versus the City of Augusta, Georgia.

The impending legal action results from months of discussions with members of the City Council and Mayor Bob Young which have led to no satisfactory resolution to the violation of Georgia law via the removal of flags and obscuring memorial markers at the Augusta Riverwalk.

A letter of intent to litigate has been sent to the members of the City Council and Mayor Young. The letter urges a last opportunity for a satisfactory resolution. Failing that, it is the intention of the GHC to file suit under Georgia Code Ann. 50-3-1, and other provisions of state law.

We are being represented by noted Constitutional attorney Steve Boynton of Washington, D. C. area and veteran Georgia attorney, Don Donaldson of Savannah.

Loyal supporters of heritage and history from throughout the U. S. have made generous contributions to pursue legal remedies to the arbitrary abuse of authority by Mayor Young in ordering the flags removed and the memorials obstructed.

More contributions are needed to see this case through the first phase. Contributions can be sent to the "Steve Boynton Flag Fund" at PO Box 581, Evans, GA 30809, or online via PayPal (please indicate ‘Riverwalk’ in the PAYPAL note field.

This case has the opportunity to be a landmark case in the desecration, removal and obstruction of Confederate symbols in public areas. It is the intention of GHC to prevail in showing that the Augusta Riverwalk was originally dedicated to all the military heroes throughout Augusta’s history. The removal of memorials relating to the Confederacy represent discrimination against loyal Georgia soldiers of the Augusta area as well as all of Georgia.

Confederate military service is recognized by the U. S. Congress as equivalent to U. S. military service and is subject to the same benefits and honors from the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Consequently, we view this Riverwalk violation as a slap in the face to ALL U.S. veterans.

This case presents a tremendous opportunity for Southern Heritage supporters to participate in a positive public relations campaign, whether in Georgia or elsewhere. Consider these facts:

The mayor ordered the Second National Confederate flags removed and the stone marker memorials associated with them obscured without consultation or approval with the city council or commissioners.

Mayor Young took it upon himself (despite denials to the contrary) to order the removal and obstruction of the memorials after a request from the South Carolina NAACP which scheduled a meeting at a hotel near The Riverwalk in Augusta. The SC NAACP refuses to meet in their home state where they continue an ill-begotten boycott over Confederate flags on the Capitol grounds at Columbia.

The organization inducing the decision to violate Georgia law is also on record in support of the legalization of same sex marriages (they call it a ‘civil rights issue’), amnesty for illegal aliens, open borders for all and removal of all Confederate symbols and monuments from public view—-the NAACP’s version of cultural cleansing—which we note is at odds with U.S. law with respect to veterans. The NAACP is under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. It is surprising to see any city officials kow tow to an organization with such disregard for the rule of law.

There is a trend taking place in America today where certain organizations, business lobbyists and the government itself are actively defying the law of the land and encouraging others to do so. The violations at the Riverwalk follow the same defiance of the law as do the enablers of illegal immigration or illicit homosexual marriage. If these lawbreakers succeed in these areas, what will be the next assault on law and order?

The only memorials removed from Riverwalk were American Confederate flags and monuments. Flags and monuments of foreign nations involved in Augusta history still remain including those representing former enemies in war with the United States.

This issue is not just a Southern issue. It involves the liberty of all Americans. Are you ready to make your stand? We at GHC are and we believe Augusta represents "high ground" we want to occupy. Please support us and Constitutional freedom by whatever you can contribute.

We will do our best to keep you informed of the developments in this case. Thank you, one and all, who are standing with us and the loyal citizen soldiers and sailors of the Confederacy. We pledge our best efforts to restore the symbols and historic memorial of these honorable men to their rightful place, and thereby restore Augusta’s Riverwalk monument to its original inclusive splendor.

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