From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Tue, Nov 15, 2011
Subject: Pt. 2- The Washington Traitors- One and ALL !
To: James Everett <>

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),

Still wondering about the ‘Fix’ you’re in today and why?

Still not convinced about the Confederate position?

I can understand, because it is not an easy thing to come to grips with the fact that an enormous LIE has been advanced by the very Government who we routinely ‘pledged allegiance’ to throughout our entire youth each day in the Public Classroom.

For some, it is easier to run away from the Truth because, recognition of it, is just too frightening to imagine.

Nevertheless, engrained in each of us, is a residing spirit that demands accountability.

Herein, is another excerpt written by Mr. James Everett of The Confederate Society of America.

I sincerely hope you read it as it is part of the Society’s continuing expose on that Lost History YOU have been denied within the Public Classroom.

Its basis is simple and the words spoken are NOT ours, but those of our Founders.

Yes folks, they KNEW what might evolve & spoke about the potential for the evil incarnate they feared would arise.

It is that Evil that now resides in Washington!

Created, predicted & emanating ever since our Confederated Republic was Invaded & over-run by the National Empire.

Before you read Mr. Everett’s excerpt herein, let me provide y’all with certain Historical details that I will assume you are NOT aware of, in order for you to Better Your Understanding & Education of what has been done to You and Yours.

First, let me repeat my assertions that there have been 3 culminating times and events that have led up to ‘Today’:

1st- The War for Southern Independence that resulted in the Political Reconstruction of THESE United States into THE United States (1865 thru Today);

2nd- The alteration of the Public Treasury into the hands of a SELECT group of Private Bankers- THE creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 and,

3rd- The Dilution of the American Culture in the 1960’s in which Washington revised the Immigration Act in 1965 & used the Civil Rights Movement as a cloaking device to create & establish EVERY Federal Department that is in existence today that is wreaking havoc and control on us ALL thru the mantra of Social Re-Engineering.…

It has been a Process of Transformation thru Transgression Resulting in Today’s National Empire that resides in Washington!

If you have read this far, there is hope for us all.

If you can at least comprehend this, then Mr. Everett’s expose below will make Greater Sense.

But let me preface his expose with these following simple facts that most American’s do NOT understand because….. YOU & THEY were NOT taught this:

A) The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (Please NOTE that most Amendments to the U.S. Constitution FOLLOWED the War for Southern Independence. Hmmm, isn’t that interesting….doesn’t that raise questions as to WHY? It should. Again, hmmm….)

Do YOU know what the 17th Amendment did to YOU and YOUR STATE?


Before ‘THEY’ passed the 17th Amendment, YOUR SENATORS were appointed by YOUR STATE LEGISLATURES- Now they are ‘elected’.

What’s wrong with that some may ask?

How about the lack of control or influence YOU have on them and the impact & influence that Special Interest Lobbyists have on them?

Does Corruption sound familiar to you?

Does Recall take on a greater significance?

When was the 17th Amendment passed?

April 8, 1913 !…..and when did The Federal Reserve come into being- well that’s 1913 also- gee what a coincidence?

more Hmmm…….

B) Now let’s look at the 14th Amendment cause this one is a real doozy….

Do you know when that ‘one’ was passed and what it DID?

June 8, 1866.

…just one year after the what?…..The War for Southern Independence— more Hmmm !

And do you know what it DID?

Let’s say it WAS THE GAME CHANGER that altered the REPUBLIC forever which created the foundation for today’s condition.

I’m gonna leave that one up to one and all to do a little research, ‘Cause’, as the saying goes, a handful of knowledge is worth a lot more than a Barrel of Washington’s BS!

But why did the Southern States ratify it if in it was so BAD?

Hey, that’s a GOOD QUESTION!

They didn’t !


How could that be and how did it then PASS?

Well folk’s, here’s more of that History they haven’t told y’all about:

The Radical Red Republicans in Washington like Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, Benjamin Wade, Henry Winter Davis & Benjamin Butler to name but a few, urged the passing of ‘LEGISLATION’ to IMPOSE the MEASURES of the 14th Amendment on the former Confederate Republic.

You know the kind, like today’s “we need to pass this bill so we know what’s in It” type of ‘LEGISLATION’.

But HOW and what was it CALLED?

Remember # 1 above- RECONSTRUCTION ?

Washington called it the RECONSTRUCTION ACTS  & do you know what they did?

They DIVIDED the South into 5 MILITARY DISTRICTS THAT WERE CONTROLLED BY MARTIAL LAW &, are y’all ready for this part of the ‘AMENDMENT’ (PLEASE LOOK UP THE WORD AMENDMENT AND ITS MEANING)- Washington ‘required’ the States to draw up NEW STATE CONSTITUTIONS (Hail the coming Caesars, err, presidents)….

But why did the People agree to it?

They didn’t!

Ever hear of the term CarpetBagger?

Well the Reconstruction Acts prohibited ALL former Confederate Soldiers from voting or holding office.

And the CarpetBagger’s, ALL out of Washington, were given sanctioned positions insured & upheld by the Federal Judges who were NOW presiding UNDER MARTIAL LAW.


These were NOT the Terms of Surrender AGREED to by our Confederate Military.

In short, we were SCREWED as the modern term applies and that is why General Lee reflected and said afterwards, in phara-pharasing, ‘that had he known the Subjugation that was to follow, he would have preferred dying and fighting with his men.’

Before closing, I would remind EVERYONE blind copied herein to remember ONE THING- President Davis, like Patrick Henry, smelled a RAT- and that is why HE NEVER SURRENDERED THE CONFEDERATE REPUBLIC TO THE INVADER DESPITE WHAT THEY DID TO HIM AFTER THE WAR.


Can YOU Now understand what has been done to you and why you are in the ‘FIX’ you are today?

It has been ONE Enormous Fix and Lie ever since the conclusion of the 2nd American Revolution that Washington calls ‘The Civil War’.

Please visit the Provisional Government of the Confederacy’s website ( ) and download the Confederate Citizenship application and request Confederate Citizenship so that we may Restore the Republic before it is Too late for one and all alike.

There is NO cost as we are paying for ALL expenses. In turn, your Citizen Certification will be validated and sent to you.

Thank you and God Bless.

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America

‘When the Confederacy Lost, so Too did this Entire Country…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!’

Deo Vindice.

( permission to forward )


Mr. Hamilton  states in The Federalist papers # 32.….

“An entire consolidation of the states into one complete national sovereignty would imply an entire subordination of the parts. And whatever powers might remain in them would be dependent on the general will. But as this plan aims only at a PARTIAL UNION or consolidation, the state governments would CLEARLY retain all the rights of sovereignty which they before had and which were not by that act exclusively delegated to the central government”.

One of the things to understand is that under the House of Representatives, (being elected directly by the people), THE GOVERNMENT WOULD BE A NATIONAL GOVERNMENT.

In order to retain a Federal system…….(please don’t CONFUSE the term Federal TODAY with what it meant back THEN),

The senators under the 1787 constitution, prior to the 17th amendment,  were appointed by the States legislatures to represent the States CREATING A FEDERAL SYSTEM….. By giving the States a department within the central government.

In other words, the House established a National Government, and the senate made it partially a Federal system… Meaning it was neither Wholly Federal, nor Wholly National, but a combination of the two.

The 17th amendment which took the appointment of the Senators from the States and placed them in the hands of the general public through elections, created a simple duplication of the House of Representatives, removing the portion that made the 1787 constitution Federal, creating a complete NATIONAL Government.

Removing the Senate, (Which was the States dept within the Central government), taking away any voice, or participation that the States once had within the Central government, destroyed the Confederated Republic, and established a wholly NATIONAL government system which, as James Madison said…."The idea of a National government involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizen,"

(see here the 14th amendment), "but an indefinite supremacy over all persons and thins".

The17th amendment, the removal of the appointment of the senators by the States legislatures was the final nail in the coffin of the Founders Confederated Republic.

This current National demonacracy government is not the Founders, or the 1787 constitution Framers intent.