OUR – Participation in the 113th “George Washington” Parade in Eustis, Florida on February 28th, 2015
Headquarters of SCV Commander Bob Lovell
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 741
Florida Division
The Commander wishes to express to “ALL”, a gratuitous mention of “THANKS” – to the multitude of Southern volunteers that came out & represented our Ancestors & Heritage in honoring the birthday of our First a-n-d greatest American President & Leader, George Washington. By marching in this annual Parade in Eustis, we once again revealed what true Americans of Southern Blood stood for a-n-d fought for – “Freedom & Honor”!!!  
Just as our ancestors believed in the one & only Supreme GOD, and “HIS” given inalienable ‘Rights’ that granted us true Freedom to govern & control our own lives & destiny….  even today,  150 years after the fact –  our struggles continue within this government that we have been left with..
The Sons of Confederate Veterans along with our sister organizations, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, & the Order of Confederate Rose,  will forever recognize, preserve & protect our Southern History & Culture, in order that ‘others’ will hear & know the Truth regarding accurate History a-n-d the sincere struggles that we endure to sustain  “The  CAUSE”  –    as  in  the  footsteps  of  our  Ancestors…
Know that the following are to be given Honorable mention of the highest Appreciation by their attendance & participation in this 113th annual event:
Between 25 & 30 attendees were present in the ranks…
State of Florida 4th Lt. Commander Harry Hurst & wife Karen [of the Order of Confederate Rose]
8th Brigade Cmdr. Chuck Kadel
[SPONSOR] Camp 741 Cmdr. Bob Lovell
Camp 556 Cmdr. David King [Jubal Early Camp of Tampa, Fl.]
The Jubal Early Camp Colour Guard [Commanded by Wayne Sweat]
Camp 1786
UDC Chapter 2311 – Marion Dragoons, of Marion County
UDC Chapter 2234 – Granville Beville, of Sumter County
UDC Chapter of Tampa, connected with Jubal Early Camp 556
Order of Confederate Rose
Numerous Men & Lady Members, Friends & Followers of CAMP 741, are to be noted for their Proud display of patriotism & willingness to sacrifice so that our  “SOUTHLAND”,  once again show Our  ‘Spirit of Honored Glory’  for the world to witness,  a-n-d,  future generations to behold !!!
“YOU” are to be commended for performing your “DUTY” via the supreme manner of professionalism…
Submitted by Compatriot J. Peacock [Musician]
8th Florida Brigade
Florida Division