From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: January 12, 2010
Subject: Washington, DC- where Sin resides & Anguish prevails- an Evil & Dark place.

Confederate Commentary:
Beneath Washington’s monuments, shrines & obelisks, there lays a city of greed, pestilence & power totally devoid of any character & purpose.  It is a homogenized city of corruption, shrouded in sinister deceit & subterfuge whose ‘representatives’ are anything but the people’s & whose conduct is controlled & measured by the evil genius of the Special Interest’s who script & write the legislation that binds YOU and YOURS to their incarnate ways.
It is a city whose root is rotten.  A city impregnated & controlled long ago by a cartel of evil men hell bent on using its power seat for their own miss-guided machinations of self gain & higher purpose.  Some of the biggest Family names within this country today are part of that combine who collaborated long ago along with others throughout this world in making Washington THEIR own personal playground through which riches & domination would be realized & exploited.
THEIR lawyer’s and the special interest groups they ‘quietly’ sponsor is who runs this country.  YOU merely get to ‘elect’ someone who has already been created by them for them.  YOU merely sanction them through a voting process that makes it all legal!
Every once in a while an official may come along that manages to get ‘elected’ outside of their influence….but he or she is quickly ‘neutralized’ within THEIR halls of Congress as either is incapable of preventing or stopping this Train Wreck as it has been created in the image of its elite sponsors.
And thus, YOU and YOURS continue to serve as the conduit through which THEIR means are realized & satisfied- Globally as well as Nationally.  If YOU believe YOU control THEM because you are the electorate, YOU are sadly mistaken.  Current events should serve as the long, overdue reality check YOU so desperately need.
Hell, YOUR representatives DON’T even write the legislation that becomes the LAW to which YOU are bound.
It is written by a consortium of Special Interest personnel and passed by YOUR so-called representatives who DON’T even bother to READ IT!  Send YOUR ‘representative’ a letter or e-mail & inquire if he or she has read ANYTHING …..and see for yourself the answer YOU will get!
The only purpose YOU serve is in the delusional belief that YOU ‘control’ them through a voting process. 
As such YOU get to ‘vote’ for yet another of their self-created puppet’s that the 2-party ‘system’ has already selected.  YOU merely sanctify the process by believing YOUR vote can make a difference.
YOU are but merely the sheeple upon which they feed.  YOU serve as their sustenance through a variety of measures,  most notably their onerous taxation system that allows THEM to perpetuate THEIR control & demagoguery over you.  We have collectively become, whether YOU are aware of it or not, whether you like it or not, the catalyst through which the Federal Beast draws its strength from- much like a leech that sucks the blood from an unsuspecting host in order to survive.
And should you grow wiser & question their debaucherous ways when your sixth sense finally awakens YOU from the coma they put you in, & dare question them…..they simply re-write the rules and introduce alternate measures through which they will exercise their control over YOU.  Ultimately, YOU are rendered infertile and incapable of thought.
After all, who controls the education system & who controls most of today’s media?  More importantly, who controls the money that YOUR State & local municipality is so dependent upon?  THE FEDERAL MASTER- THAT IS WHO!
Follow the Money as the saying goes and there you will find the real Power Brokers who run this country.
The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Department sleep with one another and their ranks consist of those elite graduates who once walked the hallowed halls of Goldman Sachs.  Those who control the money are the ‘Arista Graduates’ from Goldman.
There is where YOU will find the bodies of the living dead who have sold this country out lock, stock & barrel.
Anyone who believes that this government can be changed through a top-down process has sucked on one too many exhaust pipes.
Upon YOUR backs, through Taxes AND War’s, YOU have become crippled as a citizen while systematically sustaining and paying the carrying charges for THEIR overbearing weight & freight of many years past & present alike.
Upon OUR backs & OUR labor they have benefitted while climbing the walls of this Republic’s once Proud Fortress & reducing it to a 3rd rate country.  A fortress of beauty & self-efficiency that was once second to none.
The early defenders are all but gone now.  THEY fought the good fight against immeasurable odds but MOST would NOT listen while they pleaded for help & assistance while defending America’s gates.
As I have said on many occasions, the price God will now extol from us will be enormous in the days ahead.
We turned a deaf ear & looked the other way while the Federal transgressions were reaching new heights.
Now the proverbial chickens are all coming home to roost one last time before all hell will break loose.
It NEVER had to be this way but greed & power are mortal faults that are as invasive as any known cancer today.
We were once a Constitutional Republic whose Sovereignty was designed to prevent & insulate us from this mortal cancer….but we compromised it’s written words & decided to look the other way long ago when TWO countries within these contiguous lands fought a great War over these very issue’s.
When the South lost as I have stated many times, ”So To Did This Entire Nation Nation, but Only We Knew it at the Time."
Because those issues of long ago remain unresolved and as long as they remain unanswered & unaddressed, there will be NO salvation for this country.  They tear at us much like a tormented soul reminding us of how & where it ALL went wrong.  We suffer today because we have allowed others to strip us from our identity.
Washington DC is adrift in a sea of corruption & cronyism whose penchant for domination & control can NO longer be hidden or denied….and they are the DIRECT result, clearly, of those consequences emanating from those issues that resulted in The War Between the States that remain as every bit & un-resolved to this very day!
The majority of these Federals, particularly those at the highest levels of government, are beyond contempt.
They are THEIR own consummate Whores in every sense of the word.  They are as vile and evil as the devil himself & they are about to embark on yet another self-created ‘Act of Legislation/Despotism’ in the form of a
National Health Care Bill that will serve NOT YOU or YOURS, but THEMSELVES & THEIR cronies through a myriad & maze of labyrinth’s combed with deceit that will literally further imprison YOU & future generations just as we have been imprisoned by THEIR predecessors.
The recent book ‘Game-Change, written by John Heilmann & Mark Halperin’ underscores & reveals the Washington mindset as never before.  It is a revelation of immorality & deceit that totally describes THE WASHINGTON mindset.  It is but a cultivated mindset that THEY & THEIR ‘KIN’ visited upon this country many years ago as WE Confederates have been declaring all along!
In it, YOU will come to realize what WE Confederates have been saying for years.  It reveals the mindset of Washington and how the Power Brokers think.  Corruption, Deceit, Whoreism & Deal-Making are but a few of the characteristics you will read about regarding THOSE who control YOU today.
And these are the very same people who will continue to defy YOU & pass the legislation YOU DO NOT WANT, that will SERVE THEM quite handsomely in more ways than YOU can ever imagine while continuing to separate YOU from GOD under the guise of Social Expediency & Fairness.
It’s ANARCHY!  Effected & controlled by the POWER THEY have given THEMSELVES at our expense, expanded & secured over the years through manipulated Federal mandates that has insulated THEM from US.
It is but a Federal Shroud cleverly woven about our persons that began in April, 1865!
Folks, the War Between the States was NEVER a REGIONAL issue!!!  It was clearly ideological in nature, being & meaning.
YOU must understand, NO matter which side of the Mason-Dixon you come from what the consequences were resulting from the Confederacy’s loss.  Today’s Federal Government is running amok because of what was LOST when the Confederacy lost!
It is NOT a Southern vs. Northern issue as the Federal’s have made it out to be.
It was all about POWER, CONTROL & GREED even then and the Federal’s are draining every one of us dry because of what was lost 145 years ago.
Current events & conditions are the onerous extension resulting from the calamitous loss of our Republic long ago.  The Federals have NO intention of ever letting YOU become the self-reliant Individual YOU once were when we were a Republic!
Don’t YOU understand or get it?  That is NOT in THEIR interest’s!  Their interest’s are just that- THEIR INTEREST’S.  If YOU are in control, THEY ARE NOT!  Its just that simple.
A Constitutional Republic puts YOU in control and that simply threatens THEIR POWER BASE & EMPIRE and ANYONE & EVERYONE who has gotten them where they are today.  By God, THINK ABOUT IT for a MOMENT PLEASE???   It’s a Socialist concept- its NOT new or recent but has been in play for hundreds of years.
YOU have become much the same as an ascent ladder used by the marauding invader to scale the Ramparts of that American Fortress known as the Republic.
Upon OUR backs, they have climbed what was once our Republic and….knowingly or un-knowingly, we have allowed them to over-throw that proud and humble garrison that once protected us ALL.
It’s YOUR country.  It is NOT theirs.
I have been in our Constitutional/Confederate Movement going on 17 years now.  I got involved when I was 48 years of age.  I have seen & witnessed much within my lifetime, more than most I would presume but believe me when I tell you that I never, ever believed I would see this country become the crippled servant of the One Worlder’s….but our Government HAS ALLOWED this to happen and in full view.
We are NOT seeing Transparency….we are seeing & living Transformation right before our very eye’s.
May God help guide our hands in the days to come in order that we may prevail against the Leviathan of Deceit!
As old as I am today, I will make my stand in Dixie along with those humble Confederates who I call my Brother’s & Sister’s and upon those same Ramparts of old that our Brethren once defended to the best of their ability- once and for all.
ALL Roads Have Always Lead to 1865!

For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus
Proud & humble president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations,
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
Deo Vindice!