Another Lincoln Myth bites the Dust/"Was Abraham Lincoln an animal rights advocate?"
You know, it’s a funny thing, whenever anyone researches some alleged act of Sainthood by Lincoln, it often turns out to by a myth, or at least, undocumented by any reliable evidence.
here is an excellent and very scholarly essay by Mike Hudak,  a respected animal protectionist refuting the myth that Lincoln was a great lover of animals. If only other scholars would objectively research and write about Lincoln, we might have a more accurate historical portrayal of him, instead of the near-deity he has become.
–Tom DiLorenzo’s book "The Real Lincoln" is a good example, as is a new, thoroughly documented and highly recommended expose of Lincoln’s administration, "Lincoln Uber Alles: Dictatorship Comes to America," by John Avery Emison, published by Pelican.
I have long appreciated and enjoyed Mike’s essays on public land grazing, as I did this expose of Lincoln’s alleged humane tendencies, and have written Mike to tell him that
"Lincoln is probably the most revered & most misunderstood and overly praised, figure in American history, at least prior to Obama.
There are numerous myths about his presidency, some of which you repeat in this essay.
For example, Lincoln did not directly ‘free the slaves," though his war did eventually have this result.
But in his Emancipation Proclamation, he carefully drafted it  to avoid freeing any slaves, carefully excluding the slaves being held in the North and the border states (whom he could have freed), and applying it only to "the states in rebellion," over which he of course had no authority.
Thus, the Proclamation, while an effective PR stunt, did not free the slaves.
If you consult Tom DiLorenzo’s book, The Real Lincoln," or Emison’s "Lincoln Uber Alles," you will see that Lincoln is not quite the  near deity he is invariably portrayed as being.
He  rather governed in a somewhat tyrannical fashion, closing down newspapers, jailing editors, expelling from America a Congressman who criticized him, expelling "the Jews as a class" from Union occupied territory, waging war against civilians, burning southern cities, homes, libraries, courthouses (Columbia SC, Athens, ALA, Atlanta, & most everything between it and the Atlantic ocean), destroying agricultural areas like the Shenandoah Valley to cause starvation of civilians, & carrying out a cruel war of near genocide against the Native Americans (the so-called Indian Wars fought against the Plains Indians and other tribes, waged largely against helpless old men, women and children in their villages).
You may not have heard of some of these atrocities and war crimes, because they do not  appear in the history books or the Scriptural writings, articles, TV shows, and seminars on Saint Abraham. But I would be happy to refer you to authoritative sources or send you additional information/documentation of these facts.
Your essay is very impressive and scholarly, in contrast to the sloppy, worshipful, inaccurate writings that characterize the Lincoln Cult that has constructed out of fabricated "facts" a graven image for us to worship mindlessly.
Thank you again for your invaluable work on grazing and public lands, you area true scholar devoted to The Truth.
Sincerely yours,
Lewis Regenstein


Was Abraham Lincoln an animal rights advocate?
For several years claims have circulated that Abraham Lincoln (yes, THE Abraham Lincoln) was an advocate for animal rights and a vegetarian. Recently, having examined the evidence for and against these claims, I’ve reported my findings in the essay:
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