From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Wed, Apr 13, 2011
Subject: Fw: WAR! WAR! WAR!

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
I look about the countryside and see despair.  I see people’s homes being foreclosed upon because the Bankers played fast and loose within a system that allowed them to take full advantage of the American citizen;
I see a Federal Government that was complicit in all this thanks to that squirrelly little man from Massachusetts, Barney Frank and his co-conspirator in the Senate, Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who played and used Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac like a violin & to their political advantages and for their Demonic party;
I see more Americans out of work with others fearful that they will be soon joining their countrymen; I see us involved in more War’s than at any other time in our History and without nary a worthwhile reason for our involvement nor a strategic plan for our exodus other than the paltry and tired excuse that they are somehow necessary to our ‘National Security’; I see ineptness in every part of this Federal Government and further advanced by a self-serving, apologetic to the world ass of an arrogant and ignorant president in one Barack Hussein Obama;
I see a mindset or lack thereof of a consortium of pathetic so-called ‘representatives’ who have corrupted the Legislative process to their advantage and for their Special Interest lackey’s who would have the American electorate believing that the passing of legislation, any legislation, is a process by which any Bill NOT prior read, is a consequence to be dealt with AFTERWARDS;
I see miscreants like Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Kerri, Conyers, Frank and numerous others who hold ‘senior’ levels within this Federal Government, and NOT because they are qualified, but simply because they have been around so long they ‘qualify’ for the chair-positions they hold that allows them to ‘affect’ the lives of every American today NO MATTER WHAT!;
I see the bourgeoisie attempts of a failed and dogmatic two-party system who created this entire mess, portraying themselves as a representative body capable of worthwhile solutions to get us out of the very mess they have visited upon us during their ‘unlimited tenure’ in Congress; I see this failed body of government FATTENING their own lard whereby they qualify for a ‘pension’ of $85,000.00 per year after only 5 years of Federal Service, at age 62, while telling the rest of the Country that we have to sacrifice and give more resulting from their failures of gross incompetence and corruption.
I see more people under-employed while many others have simply fallen off the radar screen allowing these Federal brats to alter the percentile numbers suggesting the unemployment rate has miraculously shrunk to less than 9 %- HS & BS!!!;
I see a president who is out of town more than he is in town and NEVER around when ANY decision worthwhile requires his presence; I see a president who can get us into a War faster than you can say STOP but is quick to lateral that responsibility off to others like a fumble on the field while our troops die for his rank stupidity and amateurism; I see a president whose only worthwhile ability is that of an amateur theater player who should be appearing in an off-Broadway show because that is as far as his talents will take him;
I see Chris Dodd living FAT in retirement on the People’s money but NOT before depositing all hell upon us. He and his co-conspirator (Frank) held the ranking Chair positions in the corrupt House and Senate respectively.
Dodd played fast and loose with much of the ‘money-laundering’ and received numerous favours from those he helped like Countrywide Financial before it was ‘scooped’ up by Bank of America.
And let us NOT forget Timothy Geithner, former head of the NY Federal Reserve, another ’empty suit’ & Obama man, who laid the groundwork for much of the shenanigans relating to those company’s that received tons of Bailout money, the Taxpayer’s money, through TARP and the so-called ‘Stimulus Bill’- TRILLIONS, in order for them to ‘re-capitalize’ their ledger sheets at the expense of every man, woman and child in this country.  His ‘reward’ for his actions was to be promoted to Secretary Treasurer of the United States under Obama but GovernmentSachs has become the gateway through which these ‘financial perverts’ leapfrog into government like Paulson before him under Bush.  I suppose one of the many qualifications to become Secretary-Treasurer of the United States these days is NOT to paying any Income Taxes but in whose hands their Tax System known as the IRS is placed, that controls and demands of us even more bounty for the Federal Sheriff.
A ‘qualification’ for public office within the Federal System of perversion and self-growth.
Just look at another of these Federal stand-outs like Charlie Rangel of NY who was found guilty of no fewer than 17 charges of mis-conduct regarding his wheeling & dealing.  He should have NOT only been kicked out of the House of ‘Representatives’,  but should have been thrown straight into prison.  Instead, he got a slap on the wrist and was told to be a good boy.  Recently, in an interview on Fox he was asked why ‘they’ in Congress are letting Obama get away with what he is doing and Rangel replied, "because we LIKE him."
Of course they "like him"!  Hell, they are just like him.
Before Dodd ‘retired’ from the Senate, he and Barney Frank wrote the revised Banking Regulations that provides and gives the Federal Reserve even greater POWER in what they do.  In other words, greater control over the money supply that is provided to them via Mr. & Mrs. John Doe of Anywhere, U.S.A!
Let us NOT forget that the Federal Reserve, an Independent Group of Bankers, has NEVER once been audited.
But only recently, thanks to Fox News Network & a 2-year court case that FORCED the Secret Fed to reveal where & how much of the money they secretly printed had gone that was printed via QE 1 & 2 (Quantitative Easing)…..the process by which worthless paper money is printed to subsidize the U.S. Treasury debt that NO ONE will purchase any longer.  What was learned was that they ‘printed’ an additional $ 3 1/2 TRILLION dollars, drawn against the Taxpayers money & from the U.S. Treasury that was used to prop up Foreign Banks.
When combined with the total current Federal Debt/Deficit  ($14 1/2 TRILLION DOLLARS), this brings the KNOWN outstanding debt to $ 18 TRILLION DOLLARS & that does NOT include the anticipated $5 TRILLION DOLLARS that the One-Worlder, Obama’s ‘HealthCare Plan will cost the American Taxpayer.
But how can we forget that one and the manner in which this ‘Congress’ rammed it down our throats while their infamous Speaker of their House, Nancy Pelosi said: "We need to pass this Bill so we know what’s in it."
Now we are forced to fight this via a failed Legislative process that puts the onus of responsibility on our backs because of what they did and done when they knew it was wrong to begin with.  How many District Courts have already provided their ‘opinions’ on this and depending on which court justices within their secular society have been placed & are now aligned with, will ultimately decide our collective fates and the manner in which future Medical Care will be decided.
What & Who is RESPONSIBLE for this Calamity & What in God’s name is ALL Wrong With This?!
Our Federal Government- that is who!  And should we remotely protest  their arrogance and self indulgence, we are called Nazi’s, Racists, Right Wingers or any other name that may be conveniently used in order to flat out SHUT US UP!
Nearly 20 years ago The Confederate Society of America was telling YOU what was going on but we were called Nuts, Radicals & Racists back then to SILENCE us!
However, times were good back then so it was easy for most to look the other way and discount us as loons and ‘those’ Confederates who were still fighting the Civil War!
Well look at how times have changed!
Our History, YOUR History, as we have been telling YOU doesn’t LIE….but this Federal Government sure as hell does and for the SAME reasons that existed more than 150 years ago.  Times may have changed but THEY HAVEN’T and they have only gotten better and bigger at what they do and just as we have been telling you all along.
They have destroyed this Country in the process and the only way in which anyone can hope to re-visit ANY semblance of a Constitutional Republic ever again, is through the Legal restoration of the Confederate Government .  A Confederate Government that remains in absentia and whose Congressional seats simply need to be filled.  A Confederate Government that was NEVER SURRENDERED as most of YOU have been led to believe after lincoln’s War of Aggression was waged against & concluded, Militarily only, in 1865!
Kindly read the Communiqué below from Corporal William G. O’Guinn, Company I, 6th regular North Carolina Troops, provided to us courtesy of our Confederate Sister, Ms. Caroline Saunders, Member, the Board of Directors of The Confederate Society of America.  Once again, we MUST go our way and they must go theirs if we hope to survive as a People and a Country!

ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the beginning of the end of the Republic.
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
‘When the Confederacy lost, so Too did the United States…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!
PS- Become a Confederate Citizen.  Contact Mr. William Patterson at for a Confederate Citizen Application so we may reach the Constitutionally required number of Confederate Citizens necessary for the re-seating of the Confederate Government.  May God stand with us as He has during these last 19 years.
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From: Carolyn Saunders
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Subject: WAR! WAR! WAR!

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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011
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Subject: WAR! WAR! WAR!

April 12, 2011

April 12, 1861

Fellow North Carolinians,
I have just returned from Charleston, South Carolina.  Eight of my comrades and I from Company I, 6th North Carolina State Troops, had the honor of joining the Palmetto Riflemen on Friday, April 8 until today, April 12.

We returned by rail knowing that our services would soon be required by our beloved Old North State.  I arrived at Durham’s Station late tonight.  I now bring you the word that at 4:30 AM we witnessed the signal from Johnson’s Island for the forts around Charleston Harbor start the bombardment of Fort Sumter located one mile from Fort Moultrie in Charleston Harbor.  At 6:00 AM the bombardment commenced in earnest from batteries at Johnson’s Island, Patriot’s Point and Fort Moultrie where we had been encamped since Friday.

They were still belching their ferocious melody as we boarded the train to return home.  Mr. Lincoln has received the reply from South Carolina and the Southern Confederacy that it is a sovereign country and will not be intruded upon by another nation.  I fear that North Carolinians will soon have to decided where their loyalties lay.  As for me the I have been nourished and cradled in the bosom of the Old North State since birth.  This is where my loyalty is and will remain until the day I am placed in her arms forever.
The Old North State Forever!
William G. O’Quinn
Capitol Brigade
Company I, 6th Reg., N. C. Troops