The Civil War should be understood by all Americans



I think what you are doing is really wonderful, keep up the great work. The Civil War should be understood by all American’s since it was fought by American’s only. It was a very sad time in our history, probably the saddest to date.

The war broke up families and friends, and even after 142 years since the end of the war, people still have there opinions of how and why.

Living in Massachusetts, I was taught about the war as simply the war to end slavery and the evil South who had slavery and wanted to be there own dictatorship and break off from the United States. That’s what Massachusetts schools teach about the war, and being a young boy I of course believed it all.

But because I was so interested in the war, simply because it was America only, I wanted to research it more thoroughly, and I am very happy I did. Just like a trial there’s always two sides to a story, and both should be heard with an open mind.

I read books on the south and the Confederacy, and I was starting to change my opinion on things. Then I read a book called The South was Right, and I now know that the South was just fighting for there Independence and there right to live the way they wanted.

Slavery had nothing to do with the war, slavery was just an unnecessary issue raised by the northern abolishiners to brainwash people, just like today’s liberals.

Almost all of the fighting men of the south, did not even own slaves, they were fighting for there state. If the war was only about slavery, then why would someone who didn’t even own a slave want to risk there life keeping it?

Another issue that makes me need to laugh is there were some northerners who indeed had slaves, but up north they were called butlers, maids, the gardener, the cook, the hired help……etc

What’s the difference???? Most slaves down in the south were treated fairly; they had to be because they were needed. The north (abolishiners) helped them escape, but when they reached the northern borders, they were told that they had to fend for themselves.

The North gave them there freedom, but did not want to help them after. This is what I read in the book The South was Right from writings from the free slaves themselves.

It was difficult for the black man to fend for himself when nobody wanted to help them, so in other words there liberators threw them to the curve. Some slaves actually thought it was better in the south after all.

They tell you about the all black regiments of the north, (buffalo soldiers) who by the way were always the first ones who got killed because there regiments were always chosen to be the front line battalions.

There were blacks who did take up arms for the south, now if they were mistreated why would they fight for those who mistreat them? Why would those who mistreat them give them arms in the first place?

The person who was the worst of all at that time was Lincoln himself, not only did he hate Native Americans, and had Native Americans executed just to get the votes of the people, but he was the one who gave Sherman his blessings to march through the south and plunder, there was killings, raping, burning of property and complete chaos, this of course was masked with the rules of war.

The real evil was Lincoln, Sherman and the other Northern politicians, who started that war. The south didn’t have the resources to win that war, and perhaps most likely the northern politicians knew that ahead of time. As it was Lincoln didn’t even get a chance to celebrate a Union victory, or see the changes take place. If the South had won the war and took the White house, Lincoln would of probably fled into hiding, and if captured would of been a war criminal and hung. As it was even with a Union victory, Lincoln in a way was still executed.

Is that considered a just reward, from a higher authority???? Regardless of who won, it would of been a lose-lose situation for Lincoln anyway in the end. Something to maybe think about?

I believe that the South should of been able to make decisions about things on there own without interference from northern hypocrites, slavery would of eventually had been abolished.

Probably what should have happened but didn’t, is Jefferson Davis and Lincoln along with some advisors had a round table conference to discuss things, perhaps then the war could of been avoided. I did read somewhere that Davis did indeed send word to Washington on a possible conference right before the war started, but his idea was turned down, I’m not sure just how true that rumor is, but it possibly could have happened.

Thank You Charles for listening to my ranting and raving, but it is a subject in history that all Americans who actually care and are interested should study and come to there own conclusion like I did.

The South indeed was very right to defend themselves against Northern aggression, I was always brought up to believe the South were the bad guys so to speak, and the North was the hero, how very wrong that is.

The British tried to dictate to us our way of life and we fought against it and won, the only difference in the Civil War was the North played the part of the British.

Thanks again for your time, and keep Southern Heritage alive especially for all those who died for it.


Boston Massachusetts