In answer to "The Place Where Loss Always Wins."

Dear Ms. Pope:

Napoleon said that if we do not learn from the past we are bound to repeat its errors. His assumption is valid only when there is an accurate record and understanding of the meaning of the past. That is not likely to occur with the United States.

The United States did not learn anything from the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Since that war the U.S. has fought another 217 wars according the Pentagon. Empires learn nothing from its pyric military victories.

U.S. Generals Sheridan, Banks, (Butcher) Butler, Hunter and several more were doing the same as Sherman as they devastated Virginia from the very beginning of the war. The Federal Official Records of the War of the Rebellion note that 80% of the warfare the U.S. conducted against the Southern Confederacy was conducted against Southern civilians, both black and white.

General Order 100, the code written during the war defining how the U.S. permits itself to conduct warfare, legalizes withholding food and water from POW’S as well as civilians at "the will" of the "Field Commanders" in order to demoralize the enemy. Contrary to the sappy shallow lack of research by today’s "news" reporters (a term I use very loosely since they function more as "The Fourth Estate" as in the French Revolution, meaning they are the propaganda arm of the federal government) U.S. law permits torture and the killing of civilians as well as captured hostile military forces, a common practice in our warfare against Viet Nam, etc. U.S. law also permits civilians to be tried by military courts or just held captive with no charges at all.

Nazi’s were more ethical in their treatment of prisoners during World War II. Yes, I know how they treated the Jews. They did it just like the U.S. treated Native Americans and Southern Americans. Southerners "understand" the plight of the Jews more than any other section of the country.

The "Final Solution" was gleaned and adopted by Hitler directly from the writing and practices of "Union" commanders against the heavily demonized and "so-wicked they really do not deserve to live" Southerners. After the war against Southerners was over Sherman gloated that "now" he would apply this practice, meaning the "Final Solution," against the Indians. He and hundreds of northern newspapers also used the words "exterminate Southerners (later Indians)" or "eradicate Southerners." The third president following Lincoln publicly stated that the only problem with "the war" is that the "United States did not kill enough of them (Southerners)." Any Southerner who reads any history at all knows the difference between reconciliation and subjugation. The South was clearly subjugated.

The facts of the war and the recorded words of the Federal Official Records of the War of the Rebellion are far worse than your dreams or imagination. Even sadder than the reality of the tyranny against the South and other nations is that the United States has learned nothing from its constant practice of aggression and warfare. Your dreams are but faint shadows of the horrible realities of U.S. social, political and military history.

Our U.S. National Socialists (Nazi’s) smile when they tell you that the "U.S. government is here to help you."

The War to Prevent Southern Independence is not over because U.S. propaganda is still being launched against dead and living Southern political, military and civilian leaders. They are changing the names of bridges, streets, parks, schools, awards, etc. so that they will no longer reflect honour upon their Southern name sakes; such as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Stonewall Jackson, John C. Calhoun, etc. The South still lives your dream.

Tim D. Manning, Sr.
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
(336) 420-5355

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