Thousands Of Civil War-Related Documents Now Available Online

Feb 28, 2012

It’s been 150 years since the start of the Civil War, and beginning this week, you have the chance to access century old files right from your home.

A plea for help – written in 1912. "The little farm is insufficient to support her," said state archivist Barbara Teague. "She is bound to do all the labor and to live. And she is now old." >

An application from widow Susan Hale in Owsley County. Her husband, Confederate solider James Hale, no longer around. And, through her penmanship, this widow outlines her need for 10 extra dollars a month.

This "small" pension application process preserved. 5,000 personal stories about the Civil War that caused pain and hardship for many involved. And in some cases, these documents are all the families now have.

"The Confederate records were taken from Richmond , Virginia to Georgia and then scattered in several states," said Hale. "This process allows us to see real records."

The online digital archives now allow all inquisitive minds anywhere to learn. "You get to look at the cross section of Kentucky and those who lived here 100 years ago," said Hale

The Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives’ next online-digital project is to focus on early governor’s papers, along with documents from the secretary of state’s and auditor’s office.

To get a look at the online archives, go to

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