EDITORIAL: The left’s war on rednecks

Liberal commentators betray their intolerance for conservatives
The Washington Times
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In their own minds, liberals are open-minded and promote diversity – unless they’re talking about a white, southern, conservative believer. In that case, it’s open season for intolerance.

Tuesday’s Republican primaries in Mississippi and Alabama brought out the worst in some liberal commentators. HBO’s Bill Maher added to his recent difficulties by tweeting “Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally! We’re gathered around the magic picture box with a bowl of grits watching the returns come in!” This was a mean-spirited dig based on cartoonish stereotypes of the South.

Mr. Maher’s defenders might point to Jeff Foxworthy’s brand of humor, listing the alleged characteristics of rednecks. Mr. Foxworthy – who last week endorsed Mitt Romney for president – always delivers his lines with a wink, whereas Mr. Maher has developed a permanent smirk. Mr. Foxworthy’s blue-collar fans might nod and admit that some jokes ring a little true; Mr. Maher’s privileged left-wing devotees are already certain that the people in those states are illiterate hillbillies. To paraphrase Lynyrd Skynyrd, southern folk don’t need them around anyhow.

In January, actor Chris Rock attacked author Jason Mattera when asked about statements the comedian had made that conservative activists were racist and “insane.” Mr. Rock tore a camera from a female videographer, threw it 50 feet and challenged Mr. Mattera to a fight. “Tea Party members get called the worst things imaginable and still remain peaceful,” Mr. Mattera said. “But ask a big Hollywood celebrity to explain himself and the guy goes ballistic.”

Comedian Louis C. K., who usually avoids political topics, pulled out of hosting the upcoming Radio and Television Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner after a boycott threat from Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. Ms. Van Susteren was outraged at graphic and obscene language the comic had used to describe Sarah Palin. His words were far worse than anything Rush Limbaugh had said regarding feminist activist Sandra Fluke, but Mr. Limbaugh’s comments prompted grandstanding celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to demand his imprisonment. There have been no similar calls for foul-mouthed leftists to wind up behind bars for the things they’ve said. Luckily, the First Amendment still stands.

A new study confirms the general lack of tolerance for diversity on the left. A Pew Research Center survey of behavior on social media sites found that liberals are the most likely to have blocked, unfriended, hidden or otherwise muted a person on a social media site who posted political content they did not like. Apparently even in the relatively benign online universe, liberals simply cannot stand being exposed to ideas they don’t agree with and have to shut them out. If this type of blatant hypocrisy and general incivility upsets you, you might just be an American.

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