Comment of the Day: The War of Southern Aggression

By Richard Lawson
Aug 25, 2011

Today we claimed that South Carolina is a little bit racist, partly because of their insistence on flying the Confederate flag. This didn’t sit too well with one commenter.

From PGMcCullough:

Sigh. So South Carolina sucks because of the Confederate Battle Flag…

I really hope that one day the South has complete control over the Federal Government and passes Federal legislation banning abortion, an institution that most people on both sides of the issue agree is tragic, though most also realize that a sudden, total, unphased end to it would cause some very serious problems.

And I hope the Northeastern States attempt to peacefully withdraw from the Federal Government as a result.

Then I hope Southern troops march into the North and burn every bit of it to the fucking ground.

Then I hope that in a hundred years, Northern descendents are forced to read about how their evil ancestors actually fought to defend murdering adorable babies, and every Southern blogger in the world derides those shameful redneck Northern apologists who try and make some ridiculous claims that the late war was about "Women’s Rights" when really it was obviously just about killing babies.

So… is that as spectacularly offensive as I think it is? Is it elaborate satire? I just can’t tell.