Civil War issues continue through to this day!

Yankees teach the Civil War was about slavery, but history teaches the War for Southern Independence was about the Cause! What cause?
by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And so it goes on, the dispute about what the great war in the mid 19th century was all about. As Jefferson Davis predicted, the winner would write the history. In a recent interview, Ana Kasparian of the Young Turks, a spokesperson for Progressives and Liberals did an excellent job of illustrating the way non-Southerners see American history.

Kasparian, first admits that racism does exist in California (her home state), but then goes on to point to the South and say that Southerners still embrace the war as one of racial superiority. She ties the Confederate flag to "white superiority" and racism. She adamantly proclaims that Southerners were fighting for slavery and the right to have slaves! She denies the importance of other factors; expanding federal power, unfair taxation, regional tyranny and corruption of the original Constitution, and the removal of God from America. She says; "We now what the Civil War was really about."

Kasparian demonstrates her naiveté with respect to what the Confederate flag means around the world; a symbol of defiance against oppression and conquest, and a proud symbol of the American South. (See pictures of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and the Afghani’s chasing the Soviets out of their nation as example’s of the world view of the Confederate colors. )

She admits though, that people in the South, and in other states, believe today’s government is trying to take over everything in life. What she does, which is really important, is bring the Civil War to modern times. This story is really important because it illustrates a point I have written and talked about repeatedly; chiefly that the issues which divided the nation in 1860 (with the exception of slavery) still divide us today. The Constitutionalists have been in retreat since 1861, and the Progressives are at the point where the Bill of Rights and the concept of government as a servant of the people maybe seeing their last days.

I admit that the video above is self-serving in that it demonstrates exactly what I have been writing about, and trying to portray for those who love America and the South. And that is, that because of Yankee spin, and the main stream media, and to some extent even Southerners who continue to defend slavery, and refuse to condemn it, that groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans are impotent and ineffective in the larger national political discussion of what the Constitution means.

"The Cause" was primarily about the original Constitution as a restraining document of the federal government. The Cause was about the role of God in governance… where the Southerners called for God’s protection and guidance in the preamble of their Constitution…an assumed role in the original Constitution. When you think of the rise of secular humanism and the rejection of, or the placing of God in the closet, you have to look to the Civil War as the place where it really started. Materialism, capitalism, social engineering, expanding role of government all emerged and flourished after the American Civil War.

The one single issue I have been a champion of is that vindication of the Cause is primarily a politcal act, and that organizations charged with vindication have abandoned the very Cause by ignoring their principle responsibilty. America is losing because people would rather pretend to be heroes of the past, than patriots of the present.

For the Right, and for those who honor the South, it’s time to see the Civil War for what it was, and to understand that most people in America just don’t get it. Slavery is the intellectual black hole of Civil War history. It takes all discussion away from the real issues and points of collision and by doing that it takes away the ability to illustrate that the issues dividing America today are the ones that divided it 150 years ago.

©2013 Mark Vogl

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