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HK, my Brother.   
We in the Orphan Brigade, Camp 2166, Sons Of Confederate Veterans, have read this exchange with great interest.    We wanted to interject with some interesting information.   This year, we co-hosted an encampment for young people which happened to include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, their leaders and the general public that wanted to experience a Civil War weekend.   All totaled, we had roughly 750-800 young people and parents, as well as other interested guests. I should make note that this WAS NOT a scouting event. This was an educational event put on by The Dr Mudd House Museum, Sons Of Confederate Veterans, and Sons Of Union Veterans.

The weekend included individual "educational stations" pertaining to Soldier Life, a Medical Demonstration, Military Drilling, Military Tactics, Weapons Demonstrations, and a full mock military battle.  The young people made their own wooden "training" muskets and participated fully in this battle.  The event was held at the historic DR SAMUEL MUDD HOUSE MUSEUM, in Charles County, MD.  This, of course is where Booth went to have his leg set after shooting President Lincoln.
We had a company street with Federal Troops on one side of the street and Confederate Troops on the other.   In the battle, Yankees held a barn as their fort and the Confederates attacked them.    Of course, the Confederates won.  (We wouldn’t have it any other way.)   Both sides of the company street PROUDLY displayed their respective colors with no complaints or concerns whatsoever.

After the main event, (the battle),  all the guests ate dinner and some attended church services.  At the end of the last evening, we built a bonfire for the guests to sit around while we further drilled, questioned, and tested
young people as to what they learned throughout the weekend.   The winners of this little contest were declared "The Best Soldier" and won prizes.  The weekend went very well and we are planning the next encampment in 2013.

I guess this is to show that not all are narrow minded.   Perhaps this Scout Leader should read his history before making any further judgements.  All of the guests at THIS event thoroughly enjoyed themselves and vowed to pass the word and return to the next event.  
Finally, HK, we want to express to you our appreciation for all that you do on behalf of the SCV in teaching the true history of the War Between The States.  We are proud to have you as our Brother in the cause.   PLEASE stay strong and keep on keeping on.  God Bless you, Brother.
William M. Rose, SR., Adjutant
Orphan Brigade, Camp 2166
Sons Of Confederate Veterans,
Maryland Division,
Army Of Northern Virginia,
Waldorf, Maryland


Dear William,


The Honorable General Robert E. Lee was a Union man, as well as was the Honorable CSA President Jefferson Davis. However, they gave their service and allegiance to their homeland , " the Southland of America at a price so high that their losses and that of those who stood with them cannot be measured".
When the Honorable General Robert E. Lee’s name was removed from the Robert E. Lee Boy Scout Council in Richmond, Virginia in disgrace; it was a sign that sanctioned this kind of behavior throughout your organization. The Boy Scouts in Homestead, Florida not only climbed into bed with those who hate the South, but said that they would not march in the Veterans Day Parade with the likes of the Sons of Confederate Veterans…..
I know that it is not all the Boy Scouts, and I know that you are having fun, and this is where the sacrifice of Lee and Davis has meaning.Your organization from the vey top has thrown a bad apple into the barrel. I’ve seen the good times with the Scouts and the Sons in many places. And it those who should lead by example; consider my plea, call a Press Conference, stack the uniforms, the medals and badges neatly in a pile upon the floor. Let the leaders of your organization know that this discrimination against our homeland and our Southern symbols will not be tolerated or supported by our people at any level .God bless you.

Your brother,