War and national survival
From: torpenhow@charter.net
The above post by Timothy D. Manning, M.Div. was a startling but most welcome addition to SHNV fare. And to it I can only say AMEN.
Washington’s worldwide warmongering is a subject long overdue for frank comment and positive action by Southerners, e.g. parents bringing up the next generation to regard ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING the yankee fedgov says as mendacious until proven otherwise. The federal politicians can’t do anything right in peacetime; everybody knows and decries it. How much longer are decent people going to jump up and offer their children (or themselves) to the war god simply because the politicians are again calling for other people’s youth to save us from some Arabic-, or Hindu- or Swahili-speaking bugbear?
This is not a side issue. We must have peace and reason or this whole country is through. PEACE IS PATRIOTIC. It was the classic conservative position for many years because those who study the Founding Fathers and the Constitution have always gained a healthy contempt for politicians’ false flags stratagems, fake "Hitler of the month" alarms, and nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.
This is most definitely a Southern issue! For way too long, Southerners have gladly (even gleefully) gone off to other countries to fight for Uncle Sam, even after his rape-murder of Dixie. Southern values mean putting the home front first; it’s yankees who are always full of "big ideas" like saving or policing the world — very selective parts of it, one might add. In my humble opinion, any politician who tells you American troops are needed to save some other country (or even our ill-defined "national interests") on the other side of the world), he or she should be tried for treason immediately.
Southern states are being invaded by hostile, tuberculosis-bearing millions who form brutal gangs when they get here. When Washington is ready to start saving the South, then — maybe — Southerners should tolerate the jive talk of a Bush, a Clinton, an Obama about some country only  guilty of sitting on oil we want (buying which would be much cheaper than perpetual war).
As for the notion that this or that foreign government is committing atrocities against its own people etc., my heart bleeds over it but I assure you this Southerner’s skin isn’t going to. Indeed, the healthy Southern stance should be to stonewall everything that comes down from the DC "elite" until they are ready to "fix America first" for a change, and I don’t mean by applying more socialism.
Do you realize that the main subject reported in "American" newsmedia is about what’s happening in other countries that rightly mean absolutely nothing to Americans, left to their own devices? THIS IS LIVING?
I’m sorry if I offend any readers. But if so, my words are nothing compared to the catastrophe that awaits them if we don’t face reality about the federal politicians chicken-hawk warmongering, and fast.
Yes, "Support our troops!" Bring them all home for good.