To Confederate Families: Want Your Student’s Heritage Respected? Homeschool!

October 22, 2013
Nathanael DT Lyons

With little more than the stroke of a pen, the Supreme Court of the US has denied Certiorari in the Candice Hardwick Case. The letter dated October 7, 2013 arrived Monday in the SLRC office. Thus ends 10 years of the struggle to vindicate the right of South Carolina Government School students to peaceably wear Confederate emblems. The 4th Circuit Decision, which the Supreme Court has let stand, affirms the school’s prerogative to trample student rights. This decision affects students in NC, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Anti-student free speech decisions involving Confederate symbols in the 5th, 6th, 8th, 10 & 11th Circuits of the United States Courts of Appeal are left standing by the Supreme Court Hardwick denial.

And the SLRC’s advice to Confederate families with children in government schools: HOMESCHOOL!

“The school and the courts will not respect your children’s inalienable right to proclaim and be proud of their Southern Heritage, and in all areas of traditional culture it will only get worse!” said Chief Trial Counsel Kirk D. Lyons, Candice Hardwick’s attorney for the last 10 years. “Get your kids out of the Government school’s, and encourage others to do so. Whatever your inadequacies as a teacher, in most cases you will do a better job at teaching your kids, and they can wear Dixie Outfitter shirts and have Robert E. Lee’s Birthday off as a school holiday.” Lyons added.

The SLRC will be developing on-line resources for families who choose to homeschool their children. “Homeschooling is do-able when families come together in communities and pool their resources,” said Maggie Willis, the SLRC’s new homeschool coordinator.

“It says something for the state of this country when Candice Hardwick peaceably displays a Confederate flag over 4 years in situations that do not cause a single act of disruption (facts conceded by the school) and the rule of law fails to protect or even respect her rights,” said SLRC Board Chairman Neill H. Payne.”

“For Confederate kids the rule of law doesn’t exist. The right of free speech for government school children has been placed into the hands of non-elected bureaucrats. We have all lost a measure of freedom with this decision. Confederate kids have NO rights that the school or courts are bound to respect,” said Black Confederate activist H. K. Edgerton.

The SLRC will continue to support and litigate on behalf of Confederate kids trapped in government schools, for as Chief Trial Counsel Lyons opined;”Not every family can opt out and besides, when Confederate students positively display their heritage in an honorable manner in an hostile environment, I believe we are duty-bound to try and help them.”

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