Washington & Lee University Cower to liberal black students

Tuesday – July 8, 2014
Posted by "Jerryd14 -The War – The Confederate Flag – Southern People and our History"

Once again another Southern institution has cowered down in a shameful cowardly manner in  removing the Confederate flags that were flown and displayed in the Lee Chapel at the University. These bastards, the blacks students as well as the University leaders who made this agreement should all be sent packing and replaced with people who have character and a backbone.This step by freaking step to erase our Southern history, culture and to convert our facilities into desecrated places that indicate no connection to the past they are connected to historically, is wrong, and we need to oppose this.

Please e mail the president of W&L  President Kenneth P. Ruscio, his e mail address is president@wlu.edu

Tell him what you feel about this shameful, cowardly action. These black students voluntarily went to W&L, and for them to demand such was wrong of them, if they don’t like something, then go some place else, and also wrong was the leaders to give in to these troublemakers. I urge you, to tell as many people that this is the new W&L, and not to send sons and daughters to a University ran by cowards.

Now, this also means to me that we who love our ancestors, and respect what they did to defend their homes and the Southern states they fought for, is to to protest this, and one for us to do that is to contribute to the Virginia flaggers, ask them to buy small plots of land, and to obtain big, tall flag poles with massive Confederate Battle flags, to be flown 24/7/365 up and down the highways. This must be done if we really love our people. Also, you, you can buy a flagpole, and a flag, and to display it, so can your friends and family members. It is now or never, will you act, or sit by as these things keep happening. Also for those that have confederate ancestors that you can prove, join the Sons Of Confederate Veterans (SCV), the SCV is not perfect, neither are you or me, I was many years ago invited to a church by church leaders, and my attempt to talk my way out of it was to start talking about how imperfect certain members I knew that attended that church, and one of the men said to me, hey, if you should find a perfect church, please don’t attend it, because as soon as you do it will no longer be perfect. He was and it correct.

The SCV are doing a lot in many places to promote a defense to the other side who want our history erased. The Confederate Veteran magazine is also a great source of historical letters, stories and history, with ideas and suggestions on how you can do more to defend our history and heritage.

Again, send the Virginia flaggers money and e mail encouragement, they are hard working people doing things to keep, our history alive and to show respect and love to our Confederate ancestors.

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

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