Voting in Confederate states

Mr. Lindsey Ray’s letter "The South will not rise again" (Birmingham News June, 29 2013) believes federal control of voting must continue in his "confederate states," a black vs. white question.

The U.S. Census Bureau in its "Table 4b. Reported Voting and Registration, by Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin, for States: November 2012" gives the voting percent for "black alone or in combination" citizens and "White non-Hispanic alone" citizens.

Those numbers for each state yield a ratio of black to white voting where parity is achieved at a ratio of 1.0. Black voting rates exceed white voting rates at ratios above 1.0 and white voting rates exceed Black voting rates at ratios below 1.0.

States where Black voting rates exceed white rates are: NORTH CAROLINA (1.21), New York (1.16), Ohio (1.16), MISSISSIPPI (1.15), Illinois (1.14), TENNESSEE (1.12), Indiana (1.11), SOUTH CAROLINA (1.09), New Jersey (1.08), Wisconsin (1.06), LOUISIANA (1.06), GEORGIA (1.05), Maryland (1.04), Pennsylvania (1.03), United States (1.03), Missouri (1.03), TEXAS (1.03), ALABAMA (1.02), and District of Columbia (1.00). Ray’s "confederate states" capitalized.

States where white voting rates exceed black are: VIRGINIA (0.99), Oklahoma (0.98), Nevada (0.98), Kentucky (0.96), Connecticut (0.96), California (0.95), FLORIDA (0.94), Michigan (0.94), Delaware (0.91), Massachusetts (0.88), ARKANSAS (0.87), Washington (0.84), Colorado (0.78), Kansas (0.76), Minnesota (0.76), and Arizona (0.72).

Mr. Ray must now show that voting in "Confederate states" where black rates exceed White rates is more-fair than voting in "non Confederate states" where white rates exceed Black.

Joe Boyett