Mark Vogl available as a speaker in Va, MD, NC, Pa in Oct, 2012


Folks, I am already booked for a Va. SCV Camp and NJ CWRT on Oct. 9th and Oct. 16th respectively.  I am looking for other invitations.  You can contact me at to open discussions.  I do have several promotional flyers that provide my bio information and identify developed programs which have already been given to scores of groups across the South.  If October does not work for you, contact me about times that would.  I am close to publishing a new book, "Southern Ramblings, with Grits and all the fixin’s."  I love traveling the South, still lookin for invitations to Missouri and Kentucky which will complete my life’s goal of speaking in every state of the Ole Confederacy!

God Bless, and read my column America Today at

Thanks to Chuck for all he does for the Cause.

Mark Vogl